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10 Ways To Help Ease Your Dog’s Allergy Symptoms

Allergies are a fairly common problem in dogs, as they can be allergic to a variety of things. Whether they have food or environmental allergies, dogs are often left uncomfortable for entire seasons at a time. If you live somewhere with year-round spring and summer weather, you’re likely facing more problems that the rest of the globe. Here are some ways you can help keep your dog comfortable by easing their allergy symptoms.

#1 – Bathe Your Dog Often


One of the most common allergies is dogs is environmental allergies, which include pollen and dust mites. Frequent bathing with soothing shampoos and conditioners will keep irritants off your pup’s skin and coat. If you don’t think your dog needs a constant bath, wiping down the feet and legs after your dog goes outside will help keep the allergens down on their bodies and in their living area as well. Since allergies also cause dry, itchy skin, moisturizing shampoos and conditioners can help soothe the skin.

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