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4 Ways To Reduce Anxiety In Your Dog While You’re Away

Written by: Scott H
Scott Haiduc is the Director of Publishing for iHeartDogs, iHeartCats and The Hero Company. When not working, Scott spends his time on the farm, taking care of his animals and crops.Read more
| Published on May 7, 2024

Entrusting the care of your beloved dog while you’re away can be daunting. Whether it’s due to a hectic work schedule, vacation plans, or unforeseen emergencies, ensuring your furry friend remains joyful and well cared for in your absence is a top priority. Dogs, much like humans, can feel the stress of separation, exhibiting signs ranging from mild discomfort to severe anxiety. However, there are proven strategies and services, such as Wag! Dog Walking, designed to alleviate these issues, providing reassurance that your dog is happy and secure.

Elevate Your Dog’s Health with Regular Walks

One of the most effective ways to ensure your dog remains calm and content while you’re away is by increasing their exercise. Dogs of every breed have specific energy needs—like a German Shepherd needing approximately 1.7 miles of exercise daily. Realistically, maintaining this routine can be challenging. This is where a dependable dog walking service like Wag! becomes invaluable. Here’s why many dog owners, including ourselves, trust Wag! for their dog-walking needs:

  • Professional and Passionate Walkers: Wag! ensures that all dog walkers are thoroughly vetted, highly rated, and local. This means your dog is in safe, loving hands.
  • Convenience at Your Fingertips: Modeled after Uber, Wag! offers immediate service with a walker arriving at your doorstep within minutes of a request.
  • Safe and Monitored Walks: Track your dog’s walk through real-time GPS tracking available on the app, which also updates you on your dog’s activities like peeing and pooping.
  • Post-Walk Updates: After each walk, receive a photo report card directly through the app, showing how far your pup walked and ensuring they had a great time.

Creating a Calm Environment for Departures

The way you handle your departure can significantly influence your dog’s mood. It’s natural to want to shower your pet with affection before leaving, but this can often heighten their anxiety. Instead, maintain a calm demeanor. Leaving quietly and without excessive fuss teaches your dog that your departure is normal and not a cause for stress.

Fostering Independence in Your Dog

Encouraging your dog to enjoy some alone time can greatly reduce their separation anxiety. Gradually introduce activities that they can do independently, such as enjoying a toy or bone in another room while you’re nearby. This builds confidence and helps your dog learn that being alone is safe and normal. Leaving comforting items like an old T-shirt can also provide a soothing presence when you’re not around.

celebrate your bond with your dog

Natural Remedies for Anxiety

For dogs that need a little extra help, numerous natural remedies can promote relaxation without the need for medications. Products containing ingredients like chamomile, floral extracts, and peptides from canine colostrum have been shown to reduce anxiety naturally. Always consult with your vet before introducing new supplements to your dog’s regimen.

We’re dedicated to helping your dog find their peace when you’re away. If you have any additional strategies or tips, join the conversation in the comments below—we’d love to hear from you!

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