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10 Hilarious Things Only a Great Dane Owner Would Understand

Written by: Arlene Divina
Arlene Divina, one of the content writers at IHD, loves going on adventures with her adorable fur baby. She now creates informative content for pet parents. Read more
| Published on May 16, 2023

Hello to my fellow gentle giant aficionados! As a lifelong owner of these towering, yet tenderhearted dogs, I know that life with a Great Dane is a comedy of oversized proportions. Great Danes, also known as the “Apollo of dogs,” are a breed that can fill your home (literally) and heart with their immense charm. So, let’s explore ten amusing situations that only a Great Dane owner would understand.

1. The ‘Lap Dog’ Illusion

Great Danes may be one of the biggest dog breeds out there but don’t tell them that. They firmly believe they’re lap dogs and will try their best to snuggle up in your lap. The sight of a 150-pound dog trying to curl up like a Chihuahua? Now that’s comedy gold.

2. The Great Dane Gallop

Have you ever seen a Great Dane run? It’s like watching a baby deer finding its legs for the first time. They’re all long legs and oversized paws, and their goofy gallop will never fail to make you laugh.

3. The Endless Growth Spurts

Great Dane puppies seem to grow overnight. You’ll say goodnight to a perfectly normal-sized puppy and wake up to a horse. Their rapid growth spurts are both astonishing and hilariously alarming.

4. The Drool Factor

Let’s face it, Great Danes are drool machines. They’ll shake their head and send drool flying across the room, creating a somewhat gross but undeniably funny spectacle. If you own a Great Dane, you’ve probably learned to duck and cover.

5. The Human-Like Expressions

Great Danes are incredibly expressive. They can give you a look of such judgment or confusion that you’d swear they’re human. Their ability to communicate with just a look is both endearing and hilarious.

6. The ‘Scooby-Doo Reputation

As a Great Dane owner, you’ve undoubtedly been asked, “Is that Scooby-Doo?” more times than you can count. Yes, our beloved dogs share the breed with the famous cartoon character, and it’s always fun to play along.

7. The Big Bark

Great Danes have a deep, booming bark that can startle the uninitiated. But watch your Dane bark at a falling leaf or its own tail, and you’ll be in stitches. Their ‘tough dog’ act is as cute as it is comical.

8. The Couch Takeover

A Great Dane believes that the entire couch is their rightful throne. Don’t be surprised to come home and find no room on the couch for you. Their casual takeover of furniture is both frustrating and laugh-out-loud funny.

9. The Gentle Giant Syndrome

Despite their size, Great Danes are incredibly gentle and often clueless about their strength. Watching them trying to be delicate is like watching a bull in a china shop – an endearing, lovable bull.

10. The Unconditional Love

The most heartwarming and hilarious part of owning a Great Dane is their boundless love for their family. They’ll follow you around, rest their head on your lap, and give you big, slobbery kisses. Their love is as touching as it is funny.

Life with a Great Dane is a journey filled with laughter, drool, and constant amazement at their size. Their quirks and gentle nature make every day a heartwarming adventure. So here’s to the Great Dane owners, living a life of love and hilarity that only we can truly understand.

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