10 Things Only Frenchie Parents Understand

The French Bulldog breed has really surged in popularity, and that’s no surprise. Especially to people who live with Frenchies. Parents of a Frenchie find out pretty quickly who’s really in charge. In fact, there’s a whole bunch of things you learn when a French Bulldog enters your life.

You’re all living it; I’m just writing it down. Here are 10 things only Frenchie parents really understand, from peculiar bodily functions to personality quirks.


#1 – People no longer come over to see you, but to visit your dog.

Image source: @MichaelSandoval via Flickr

With a dog this cute and sociable, how could they not become more popular than you? French Bulldogs get along with pretty much everybody.

#2 – There’s no style they can’t pull off.


It’s no wonder this breed models for so many dog products. They’re natural style icons.

#3 – They will insist on being the center of attention, and you’ll oblige.

Image source: @MichaelSandoval via Flickr

If your Frenchie says it’s time to play, so it is. If he wants to nap on your work computer, work time is over.

#4 – Loud snoring is just a part of your life now.

Image source: @EduardoMerille via Flickr

At first it was cute. Then it was funny. Then it was kind of annoying. Then you just got used to sleeping through it. Now you love every snort!

#5 – A Frenchie smile injects a little brightness into any day.

Image source: @NanPalmero via Flickr

The wide, joyful Frenchie smile is an iconic feature of the breed. It’s impossible not to smile back at!

#6 – Your Frenchie will pass gas and then act all surprised, like “who did that?!”

Image source: @HansGotun via Flickr

Yep, it’s something you probably knew when you adopted a Frenchie. They pass gas like it’s nobody’s business, then act alarmed at the sound. You really think they’d know where it’s coming from by now.

#7 – Despite their size, that solid bowling ball body can cause serious damage when it collides with your legs.

Image source: @vic_uu via Flickr

French Bulldogs typically stand at around 11 to 12″ tall. Still, they know how to ram you with intensity. These pups will rough house with you any day.

#8 – That eye-roll feeling when you’re asked for the hundredth time if your dog is a Boston Terrier or a Pug.

Image source: @NicolasdeCamaret via Flickr

No, not all flat-faced pups are the same! Only an amateur would make such a mistake.

#9 – The look of disdain they can give you is worse than the one your mom does.

Image source: @CarlosVarela via Flickr

Sometimes your Frenchie just looks at you in a way you know they’re not angry, just disappointed. It’s something in their eyes.

#10 – Your dog is coming with you wherever you go, whether you like it or not.

The Frenchie is a stubborn dog, and what they say usually goes. Come on, look at that face and try to say no! They love following their people from room to room.


Sounds all too familiar to you Frenchie people out there, doesn’t it?

Featured Image: @byscottspedding/Pexels

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