11 Photos That Prove Dogs Are The Boss Of The House


Dogs are members of the family, but often, they’re also the rulers of their homes! With their big, glassy eyes and the adorable mannerisms, they can often get away with being a little bit mischievous. What’s more, they’re our most loyal friends, our biggest cheerleaders, and they never talk back (well… almost never!).

It’s hard to say “no” to our best furry buds, so it’s no wonder that our canine companions often become the rulers of the house! From an abundance of toys to unabashed bed hogging, here are 11 photos that prove that sometimes, dogs are the boss.

1. This pup sits in a leather chair like a king in his throne.

2. This canine commands his human’s attention because he’s way more interesting than TV!

A photo posted by Ellie the GSP (@elliethegsp) on

3. Think this tame puppy put his high-energy kid in a crate?

4. This bossy dog refuses to give up the remote. (Maybe he’s watching Animal Planet…)

A photo posted by Josh Johnstone (@the_josh_j) on

5. “What’s for dinner, Ma?”

A photo posted by Harbin Wang (@goldenharbin) on

6. “Did you miss the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign?”

7. This simple “To-Do” list says it all…

A photo posted by Shelley Marshall (@sh2ll2y) on

8. When the dog has more toys than the kids, you know who’s getting spoiled….

9. When the pooch decides you don’t need privacy, you’ll never pee alone again.

10. “Sit on the floor. The couch is taken.”

11. And in case there was any question, this adorable pup has a mug to prove that he’s the boss!

Written by Karen Tietjen

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