14-Year-Old Marvel Has Found The Will To Live With Your Help

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine the suffering that dogs can go through. Their resilience is something to be admired. It seems that no matter what their circumstances have been, they can always make a remarkable recovery with a little bit of love. And, thanks to you, stories like this are possible.

A Will To Live And Love Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Meet Marvel. His name says it all. Marvel means to “be filled with wonder or astonishment” and calling this guy astonishing would be an understatement. This superhero was found in an abandoned apartment by the Chicago Police Department. He was brought to Mission Compassion Paw by the Safe Humane Chicago program at Chicago Animal Control.

“This 14-year-old guy was bald, emaciated, and with an ear and jaw infection so bad his jawbones are fused to this day,” said Mission Compassion Paw.

Marvel’s Recovery Is Made Possible With Help From You

Don’t worry though! Marvel gets a special diet of wet food that he slurps right up! It’s only possible thanks to the GreaterGood.org Rescue Bank and you. This incredibly special old man continues to make strides in his recovery. He refuses to let his injuries or age slow him down!

“Marvel now looks like a grumpy hyena with a full head of hair. His jaw is still fused, and his bones are exposed on one side of his face, but he is clearly not ready to meet his maker,” they said. “Ten months after his confiscation, he is slow trotting around, enjoying life in the burbs.”

Mission Compassion Paw focuses its efforts on giving “hard to adopt” dogs a fighting chance. This means that a large portion of their pups is seniors or dogs with serious medical challenges to overcome. Many of them require special diets in order to give them the best possible outcome. The Rescue Bank makes these life-saving diets possible.

About The Rescue

Mission Compassion Paw is based in Chicago, Illinois. They work diligently to provide the love and care that every dog deserves. In addition to helping these pups get a second chance at life, they also aim to prevent future instances of animal cruelty. Mission Compassion Paw uses art to spread awareness about animal cruelty. They also do community outreach with a focus on educating youth about the need for compassion and kindness to animals. The rescue believes that by fostering the idea of advocacy for animals early on in life, future behaviors are more likely to be fueled by compassion and love.

h/t: Mission Compassion Paw

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