15 Photos Prove: Dogs & Cats Are Perfect Angels…Until They Aren’t

Our furry family members are perfect angels. Nothing but adorable bundles of cuteness, incapable of doing any wrongs that might upset their parents.

Okay… you’re probably laughing.

I get it. As a dog and cat mom, I totally understand. For all the snuggles and preciousness, our cattos and doggos can be rulebreakers of epic proportions.

The levels of destruction our furry loves can achieve truly knows no know bounds. Dog snoots and kitty paws can destroy things in ways we never thought possible, and we’re often left shaking our heads. And while we may grow irritated with the actions of naughty fur balls, we’re fools for our buddies and quickly over our ire.

Even if our kits and pups are just being bad to be bad!

Like these two, they don’t mind stealing the covers from you as long as they’re comfy…


Plus, destruction at the paws of a kitty or doggie makes for a great photo opportunity. And plenty of fur parents have captured their cats and dogs in infamy when they’ve just grown tired of being good.

Check out these naughty cats and dogs who don’t want to be angels anymore…

“They were both sleeping 3 minutes ago”. Yep, but the urge to be bad strikes in a moment…


Cats don’t think it’s a crime to get some food when they’re hungry, even if we disagree…


Here, a dog looks so happy to be mischievous in the mud…

Cheryl Strayed/Facebook

A tuxedo cat doesn’t mind helping herself to some chips, naughty or not…


Oh! Puppies are the worst offenders when it comes to being bad, but the little cuties can’t help themselves…bad is fun!


“Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree, your ornaments are history!” A cat’s favorite tune when being bad…


This canine pair sees no harm in doing a little gardening…


This house panther agrees, helping with the plants is good, no matter how bad you say it is…


A warm and cheesy place to rest; this cat doesn’t care what you consider wrong…

Cats Are Jerks/Facebook

Because dogs know they’re cute, they’ve got no consideration for where they get comfy…


Looking proud of some unwanted home remodeling…

Animals Are Jerks/Facebook

A tabby cat is sorry, not sorry about tearing up your stuff…


“Louna quick – you know what to say: ‘It was the cat!’ These girls have been caught red pawed “…


“Detective: ‘We have one suspect…’
Cat: ‘Who is it?'”
Yeah, because a cat never does any wrong!

Animals Are Jerks/Facebook

So, what it all comes down to? Cats and dogs are perfect angels…until they aren’t.

H/T: www.pawsplanet.me
Feature Image: baste_t_0806_8938/Instagram & @sassnboots/Instagram

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