15 Reasons Why Getting A Dog Was The Best Decision You’ve Ever Made

Getting a dog is not a cheap venture. There’s the purchase price or adoption fees, the food, beds, toys, leashes, crates and training. There’s the time and energy. Dogs are a lifetime commitment and a lot of effort and money is invested in them. But we’re here to tell you something you probably already know – dogs are one of the greatest investments you can make in your life. If you need reasons to understand why this is true, we’ve got some for you here.

#1 – You Always Have Someone to Greet You


Is anyone else this excited to see you when you’ve only been gone for 5 minutes?

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#2 – You Have the Cutest Alarm Clock Ever


Who doesn’t want to wake up to this face?

#3 – You’ll Never Eat Alone Again


No more crying about being sad and lonely on a date with yourself.

#4 – You Get to See True Unconditional Love


Dogs will love you forever, without judging, no matter what you do and what kind of person you are.

#5 – They Make Great Beds


Not all dog owners want to share their bed with their dogs at first…but we promise they’re like warm, cozy body pillows.

#6 – You’ll Get Needed Exercise


Not an active person? That’ll change when you get a companion to go walking with you!

#7 – They’ll Teach You How to Enjoy Life


Dogs are happy and they can really teach us to enjoy the little things in life.

#8 – They Feel Your Pain


You dog knows you better than you know yourself and they’re always there when you need someone to lean on.

#9 – They Make People Healthier


Studies have actually proven that dogs make people happier by lowering their stress levels, increasing their heart, blood pressure and blood sugar health. They even help prevent allergies in babies and children!

#10 – They Make People Happier


Science has also proven that dogs make people happier overall. When coupled with their stress-reducing qualities, dogs improve the lives of their owners on a general level.

#11 – They’re Expert Therapists


While all dogs are masters at being their when their owners are upset, many are so loving they are taken around hospitals and other centers where they can help heal those suffering many physical and mental ailments.

#12 – You Can Teach Them to Do Anything


Basic obedience is a must, but teaching tricks and useful behaviors such as opening doors and turning on lights is fun for you and your pooch. The possibilities are endless!

#13 – They’re Inspiring


How many incredible stories do you see of dogs overcoming abuse, neglect or illness and the dog comes out, tail wagging, grateful to still be alive? How can that not inspire you?

#14 – They’re Loyalty Never Expires


Dogs will be by your side even when you don’t want them to be. While it might be annoying at the time, you really should appreciate every moment you have with them because all they want to do is love you.

#15 – They’re Adorable


They’re adorable! This seems obvious, but dogs really are adorable. From their wet noses, soft fur and silly characteristics, we just can’t help but think they’re cuteness plays a big role in their benefits.

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