17 Stunning Pieces of Jewelry That Make The Perfect Holiday Gift for a Dog Lover

1. My Dog Brings Me Joy Sterling Silver Bracelet

Wear this gorgeous sterling silver (925) bracelet to be reminded of all the joy and love your dog brings you every day.

My very best day
Is any day I spend with you
Hoping to learn the way
You love so pure and true.
You’re always by my side
I know I’ll never be alone
You brightened up my life
And made this house a home.


2. My Angel Sterling Silver Necklace

A gorgeous sterling silver (925) necklace to remind you of an amazing pup, no longer with us in life. Cherish the memories always.

My Angel
My heart broke into pieces
The day you got your wings
Everything around me ceases
Even the birds refuse to sing.
You were more than a pet
More than my best friend
And one thing you can bet,
I will see you again.


3. Second Chance Movement™ Wings Of Love Sterling Silver Ring

This gorgeous sterling silver (925) ring is the key to setting shelter pets free! Featuring a paw embossed heart at one end and a wing at the other, this beautiful piece symbolizes your contribution towards saving shelter pets’ lives.

Every Second Chance Movement purchase provides travel miles that contribute to the transportation of animals from overcrowded shelters to areas where there is high demand for pets.


4. Limited Edition “Always By My Heart” Bracelet

This understated cuff bracelet is etched with the word ‘love’ adjoined by hearts and paws. 


5. My Angel ♥️ Heart Memorial Locket

This necklace was designed to help you capture and treasure the precious memories with your dog.  A set of wings dangle beside a clear locket containing three lovely charms. You can also insert a photo of your pup to create a most treasured keepsake.


6. I Really Love This Dog Sterling Silver Earrings

These delicate sterling silver (925) lil’ pup stud earrings are a sweet reminder of your beloved canine companion!

I Really Love This Dog
I really love this dog
Who fills my heart with pride
And helps me clear the fog
With a shining light from deep inside.
I promise to never leave you
And walk when you can no longer jog
A friendship like ours is true
I really love this dog.


7. Forever Paws In My Heart Earrings – Antique Gold

These goldtone earrings have an antique look featuring a heart with a pawprint cutout to symbolize the pawprints dogs leave on our hearts.


8. My Favorite Little Paws Silver Dangle Earrings

These dainty dangle earrings are subtle enough to go with anything, but bold enough to show the world just how much you love dogs!


9. Lava Bead Rainbow Bridge Bracelet: Feeds 7 Shelter Dogs In Loving Memory of Your Pup

Our furry babies are a constant source of joy, laughter, and wonderful memories. This bracelet is a perfect reminder of those great times together. The arrangement of colored stone beads mimic the arch of a beautiful Rainbow Bridge, where your beloved pet eagerly waits for you. Each color of the rainbow (7 in all) represents one meal provided for a shelter dog through RescueBank in honor of your beloved pup!


10. My Dog Brings Me Joy Sterling Silver Necklace

This gorgeous sterling silver (925) necklace does something amazing – it feeds a whole shelter full of dogs. That’s 30 hungry pups you’ve provided with healthy meals when you purchase!


11. Matte Army Green “Honor” Key Necklace

As many as 20% of returning veterans suffer from PTSD. With your support, we can help. 20% of the proceeds from our Honor Key Necklaces is donated to help pair veterans with service and shelter dogs.


12. My Dog Is My Heart Necklace

While you wear this beautiful necklace, it stays close to your heart, just like your beloved dog. Wear it knowing that your dog shares that same unconditional love in their heart as well.

My Heart
I keep you inside my heart
The safest place I know
You are the most precious part
Of this place I call home.
Your wiggling butt greeting me
And your constant loving gaze
You are my absolute everything
From now until the end of days.


13. “A Shelter Dog Promise” Sterling Silver Ring

Wear this genuine Sterling Silver ring to remind you of the support you’ve given dogs in need through your purchase and also as a reminder of all the many pets still waiting for their forever homes.

The Shelter Dog Promise
Poem by Justine Rose

I’ll wrap you in my arms
To let you know you’re safe
In your bed you’ll be nice and warm
I promise you’re here to stay.

So many still are waiting
In the shelters they sit alone
I promise to wear this ring
Until every dog has a home.


14. I Rescued My Dog/Human Necklace & Collar Charm Set

Everyone knows that when you rescue a pet, they’re not the only ones being rescued. This two piece set includes a necklace for you, and a clip on tag for your best friend.


15. I Will Love You Forever Adjustable Ring

This pawdorable “I Will Love You Forever” engraved ring will ensure your pup always stays close to your heart.


16. Forever In My Heart Memorial Necklace

Every pet that enters our lives always leaves the biggest paw prints on our hearts. This necklace embodies that feeling, so you can wear a symbol of your love for you lost pet. 


17. A Christmas Miracle “Shelter Dog Promise” Bracelet – Feeds 30 Shelter Dogs!

Truly A Christmas Miracle! This beaded bracelet feeds 30 shelter dogs and serves as a reminder of the many pets still waiting for their forever homes.

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