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20 Dogs Who Helped Their Humans Celebrate Their Wedding Day

Most people love going to weddings. They’re a time to eat great food, see friends and family, and celebrate the start of two peoples’ lives together.

When a couple gets married, they want to be surrounded by those they love most, so it’s only natural that some include their canine companions in their special day!

Here are 20 dogs who helped their humans celebrate one of the most important days of their lives.

This handsome gray pup doesn’t even need a tux to dress up…

And this dog stole a kiss from the bride.

This pooch wants to give his humans a “hand” as they start their new lives together…

And this pup touched our hearts when he was carried down the aisle to be with his human on one of his last days on Earth.

This pup’s NFL dad rearranged his wedding so he could be his human’s “best man”…

A photo posted by Erik Kent (@njwedding) on

And this sweet service pup helped calm her human’s nerves as she prepared to meet her groom at the alter!

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