20 Tweets That Prove A Life Without Pets Would Be Boring

If you have the privilege of sharing your home with a furry friend, you know they bring endless joy into your life. Whether it’s their hilarious antics or overwhelming cuteness, our fur babies are a source of continuous sunshine. A life with a pet is never boring. We’ll prove it with the collection of hilarious tweets below!

1. That doesn’t look like a face of regret to me!


2. Keep your Q-tips close when you’re around her!


3. I don’t like dieting either dude, I get it.


4. Not even our dogs are safe from grandma’s love!


5. Your secret is safe with us!


6. Hey, he’s just chillin’ in his Calvin’s!


7. He’s just trying to add his own special touch!


8. “And that’s when I knew I couldn’t take it any longer…”


9. Steve was just making sure the opossum’s dinner was up to par.


10. You are among pet-spoiling friends in this space, don’t worry!


11. Being spoiled by grandma is tiring!


12. Now this is cuteness overload!


13. You can’t convince me that the first picture is not Snoop Dog…


14. Is this not the same photo?


15. “Today we will be discussing the benefits of running around your house at full speed at 3AM.”


16. When she meows, it means the water is ready.


17. “Having a family is even better than I could have imagined!”


18. Maybe he’s just an art critic!


19. All I see are two adorable floofs.


20. This pup has mastered the art of working smarter, not harder!

These tweets prove that our animals are an endless supply of happiness, humor, and more. If you have a hilarious pet photo that you love, share it with us in the comments!

H/T: brightside.me

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