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22 Dogs Rescued from Dismal Fate at Chinese Slaughterhouse

Their captors doomed them to an unthinkable fate…and then…they were rescued. The Humane Society International’s Chinese partner raided a slaughterhouse housing 22 dogs. The workers saved the dogs from becoming meat for a Shanghai restaurant.

Rescued Chinese dogs

The timing of the rescue was eerie. Rescuers saved the dogs from becoming meat for a restaurant located less than 12 miles from the venue of the 2019 World Dog Show.

Thankfully, the dogs survived long enough not to meet this terrible future. Rescuers brought the dogs to a place where they could live their lives without the fear of slaughter.

We are so thankful these dogs were rescued. Do you want to help? Join the International Humane Society’s call for Premier Li Keqiang, to put an end to the dog and cat meat trade. Read the letter to the Premier and add your name to this petition.

Meet the adorable dogs that got a second chance at life below.

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Featured Image: The Humane Society of the United States YouTube

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Written by Samantha H
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