3 Tips For Better Dog Dental Health

Dog dental health has become a big topic in the past few years. Good dental health doesn’t just keep doggy breath at bay. It can save you thousands at the vet, helps your dog have better quality of life, and can even help them to live longer lives. Did you know that an infection in your dog’s mouth can spread to other organs – even the brain – and cause death? The following are 3 tips for better dog dental health that every dog owner should follow.

Image Source: A Fairytail House
Image Source: A Fairytail House


#1 – Routine Dental Cleanings

First and foremost, you need to get your dog on a dental cleaning schedule with your veterinarian. For most dogs, this means a cleaning every six months. Your vet can spot trouble much easier than you as they know exactly what to look for. Remember, the earlier you catch a problem the better for your dog–and your pocket book.

#2 – Brush Teeth Daily

You should be brushing your dog’s teeth for the same reasons you brush your own. It removes left behind food that can cause tarter and plaque, which leads to infections and tooth decay. It also freshens up that doggy breath.

The iHeartDogs dual size dog toothbrush and rubber finger cap dog toothbrush are great options for dogs of all sizes. Each toothbrush provides 2 meals to shelter dogs, as well!

#3 – A Chew A Day Keeps The Plaque At Bay

Dental chews that are specially formulated to promote dental health while helping your dog remove plaque and tartar you can’t remove with a toothbrush – like the stuff that gets trapped back on those back molars – are essential for dental health. Pay attention to ingredients and make sure the chews are worth the money you spend on them.

Image Source: A Fairytail House
Image Source: A Fairytail House

iHeartDogs has our own line of dental treats that were formulated by veterinarians and are made in the U.S.A. They contain 3 enzymes that promote dental health as well as Curcumin, which plays a role in helping to prevent periodontal disease. And each purchase helps feed shelter dogs, so you can feel good about buying these treats each and every time!

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