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Grain Free Triple Enzyme Dental Sticks: Each Bag Feeds 7 Shelter Dogs


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The Project Paws® unique and advanced Triple Enzyme Dental Stick formula for dogs is specifically designed to control plaque, reduce tartar buildup, freshen breath, and help maintain healthy teeth and gums. Developed by veterinarians and proudly manufactured in the USA, the natural abrasive cleansing action of the tasty Dental Sticks combined with our proprietary triple enzyme source, peppermint and the flavonoid curcumin, helps to support periodontal health.

The 3 enzymes (lysozyme, lactoferrin, and lactoperoxidase) either alone or in combination of each other offer excellent dental health benefits such as reduction in plaque due to their antimicrobial properties. In addition we have added curcumin, which is clinically proven to play an important role in helping to prevent periodontal disease both in humans and canines.


  • Triple Action: Fights plaque, controls tarter, & freshens breath
  • Proprietary triple enzyme source (lysozyme, lactoferrin, and lactoperoxidase), which is found in whey protein.
  • Contains peppermint and the flavonoid curcumin, which helps support periodontal health.
  • Grain & Gluten Free
  • Unlike other bright and unnaturally colored dental chews, the iHeartDogs / Project Paws® chews contain no artificial colors
  • Low calorie, low fat – 37 cal per small dental stick, and 74 cal per large dental stick
  • Formulated by Veterinarians
  • Easy for your dog to digest (biological value 100%)
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • Every purchase provides 7 meals for shelter dogs!

In addition to being what we believe is the most advanced dental chew available, our Grain Free Triple Enzyme Dental Sticks are the only product on the market that provides healthy meals for shelter dogs waiting for their forever homes!

Each Large Size bag includes 10 dental sticks. Each Small Size bag includes 15 dental sticks.

Large Stick: 4.5″ in length, 20 grams in weight
Mini Stick:   2.25″ in length, 10 grams in weight

Buy in Bulk & Save!

  • 1 bag, $15.99
  • 2 bags, $12.99 each
  • 3+ bags, $9.99 each



This product feeds 7 shelter dogs! Learn More
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Verified Customer Reviews


Amber’s is 7 years old and she been on this for at least 6 years and so far no tartar , no cleaning. She loves them and each morning she waits for it. If we are taking to long to giving to her let just say have earmuffs on. By: Judith


No comment entered by customer. By: diane


My sweet girl, loves to "brush her buckies" after she eats. She knows she's a good girl when she gets this "treat"! By: Lesley


Our dogs loved these teeth cleaning treats. By: Brian


Great deal when ordering multiple packages. My fur babies LOVE them. By: EILEEN


No comment entered by customer. By: matthew


No comment entered by customer. By: Evangeline


No comment entered by customer. By: Evangeline


Pups loved By: Jayne


Dogs love them and they do a good job. By: Kathy


My dogs just love these chews! By: Connie


My puppies love this product. By: Gail


My dog loves these. By: Sylvia


I have been buying these for my Jesse for a while now and he will do a dance whenever I reach for the bag!!! By: Tina


No comment entered by customer. By: Tamra


No comment entered by customer. By: Patricia


No comment entered by customer. By: CHELSEA


All natural, and my dogs LOVE them. They get one every day! By: Laurie


No comment entered by customer. By: Jackie


No comment entered by customer. By: Cinde


Great! By: Joyce


My Joe loves these, they keep his pearly whites in top shape! By: Laura


Dogs love them, but a little pricey. Great cause for purchase, though. Mike. By: Mike


My dogs LOVED these!!!! By: Lindsay


No comment entered by customer. By: Deborah


Love these, wish they weren’t so expensive By: Nancy


My dog loves these. By: Martha


great product thanks By: Marie


Baby, hank and Layla love these things. Just a heads up. My dogs eat very good food and snacks. I also put fish and hemp oil in their dinner. Be aware that your dogs may get loose stool with these. I recommend giving only one of these a day. That includes the other krill treats. Swapping them w krill treats won’t help since I think they are a similar thing. They also smell the same. I sent them to my cousin’s dog and she does not put oils in baby’s food and she can only give her one every other day or more. By: Candice


No comment entered by customer. By: Bernice

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