5 Puppies Who Look Nothing Like Their Adult Version

Puppies change constantly as they’re growing up, but sometimes the changes are more dramatic than others. Here’s a list of some breeds that look nothing like their adult versions when they start out as pups!

#1 – Shetland Sheepdog Puppy


Before the thick double coat grows in, the Sheltie puppy looks more inclined to play than to herd.

Shetland Sheepdog Adult


This herding breed as an adult, stands between 13-16 inches tall and can weigh as much as 30 pounds.

#2 – Great Dane Puppy


Before developing a graceful body or droopy mouth, the Great Dane puppy will be all legs and feet.

Great Dane Adult


In adulthood the Great Dane stands anywhere from 28 -35 inches and may weigh between 100-200 pounds.

#3 – Irish Wolfhound Puppy


Irish Wolfhound puppies are gangly bundles of curious energy.

Irish Wolfhound Adult


The more laid back adults get to be between 28-35 inches and weigh anywhere from 100-200 pounds.

#4 – Komondor Puppy


Before the decision of cording the coat is made, a Komondor puppy is downy white and looks nothing like their adult counterpart.

Komondor Adult


Komondor adult looks like a giant mop, weighing upwards to 125 pounds.

#5 – Standard Schnauzer Puppy


Lacking the infamous Schnauzer beard and eyebrows, the puppy appears young and inquisitive.

Standard Schnauzer Adult


As an adult, a standard Schnauzer doesn’t lose their boundless energy and maintains a healthy weight of 30-45 pounds.

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