5 Signs Your Dog Has Allergy Issues

Dogs, like humans, sometimes endure pesky allergies, either due to food, mold, pollen or dust. The tricky part for owners of fur babies is to identify those irritants and their causes. Spoiler alert: that super cute roll-around-in-the-dirt thing your pup does during your walk through the park? It could be a sign that he’s suffering from outdoor allergies.


Here are some more signs to look out for if you suspect your dog might be allergic:

  1. Your dog is always rubbing his face. This one, while also typically adorable, may indicate eye allergies.
  2. If your dog has a habit of licking or chewing his feet often, this could mean he’s allergic to pollen.
  3. Any sudden change in mood or energy level.
  4. Loss of appetite, especially if it’s accompanied by vomiting or diarrhea, can be a sign of food intolerance or allergic reaction.
  5. Any red patches of skin that are irritated or hot to the touch are clear indicators of your dog’s immune system reacting negatively.

If you suspect Fido has allergies, your first call should be to the vet. Allergic reactions can be the result of either the food a dog is eating or the environment he’s living and playing in, and a doctor will be able to determine which.

There are actually many other ways you can better your dogs day-to-day life. There are numerous services that are helping our pups live better lives, by offering specific products for allergies.


One incredibly popular option comes from BarkBox. The brand prides itself on providing customizable, health-conscious goodies for your pup. The best part? BarkBox offers an Allergy Friendly Box!

The way it works is simple. Each month a box gets delivered with a combination of 4-6 toys, treats and occasional hygiene products. The food items will not include beef, chicken, turkey, gluten, wheat, soy or corn. It’s perfect for a dog with allergies!

It’s simple to get a specially made box for your dog. Just follow the directions here.

This article was brought to you by the fine folks at BarkBox.com:


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