50 Hysterical Dog Memes That Will Make You Laugh

Sometimes, we just need a few good laughs to get us through the day. The silliest pictures are the ones that have cute dogs doing unexplainable things in them. The pictures themselves are usually enough to make us die laughing, but the captions often make them even more hysterical for dog lovers.

We know times are tough right now, so here are 50 dog memes that will help bring a smile to your face no matter what. After all, seeing cute dogs is always the best medicine.

#1 – All dogs are good dogs.

Dog Speed Date
Image: @RespectfulMemes/Twitter

#2 – Dog reactions are priceless!

Sit vs. go to the park
Image: Love Dogs Facebook

#3 – He came to the ultimate realization.

You're the good dog
Image: @LabradorRetrieverFan/Facebook

#4 – He’d probably do it again in a heart beat!

Dog shaming
Image: @spotlightstoriesofficial/Facebook

#5 – Sometimes the truth can hurt.

Go to bed early
Image: @edgeteenmemea/Facebook

#6 – Excitement would be an understatement for this dog.

Dog Walk
Image: @MountainViewHumane/Facebook

#7 – Some might call this, “synchronized napping.”

Out of Body Experience
Image: @ArtesAndCraft/Facebook

#8 – Please take him seriously!

Dogtor meme
Image: Treating more than one species memes for real doctor teens Facebook

#9 – Now that’s how you make an entrance. 

Dog breaks through wall
Image: @instameme.co/Facebook

#10 – Random internet searches never seem to disappoint.

Dog swearing
Image: @LADbible/Facebook

#11 – A dog’s thought process before barking.

Dog to dog
Image: @ILovePawsUS/Facebook

#12 – Finally, a source we can trust!

Petting dogs
Image: @dogswiz/Facebook

#13 – This dog looks like he’s posing for a dating app profile.

Dog Tinder
Image: @DogLoverStore/Twitter

#14 – He’s just trying to be polite…

Dog waits for treat
Image: Laurie L Winslow Facebook

#15 – The real reason our dogs are so cute.

Dog Searches Google
Image: @RespectfulMemes/Twitter

#16 – This looks like a class worth taking!

Dog teacher
Image: @trendingevents1/Twitter

#17 – But will anyone believe it?

Dog Ate Homework
Image: @simplynovel/Facebook

#18 – The cutest dinosaur ever!

Jurassic Park Dog
Image: @ImTugboat/Facebook

#19 – Some dogs are just drama queens. 

Dog wearing robe
Image: @jcravenw/imgur

#20 – The perfect sign does exist. 

Pleas Pet Dog
Image: @meakoopa/Twitter

#21 – A dog’s time is too valuable to be wasted.

Dog wearing wig
Image: @Playing_Dad/Twitter

#22 – This is the best bedtime routine!

Dog holding toys
Image: @FriedDoggoMemes69/Facebook

#23 – She met her hero!

Dog Meets Santa
Image: @jjmontaldo/Twitter

#24 – What more could you possibly need?

Only Pack the Essentials
Image: @puppyboyfriend/Twitter

#25 – Some dogs take their training a bit too seriously.

Blade dog
Image: @frienddoggomemes69/Facebook

#26 – He cracked the code!

Who's a Good Boy
Image: @meglizf/Twitter

#27 – We all have bad days sometimes.

No more drugs
Image: @mynameisntdave/Twitter

#28 – Let the smart dog speak!

Dog steals mic
Image: @dopedogttreats/Twitter

#29 – Spoiler alert… all of them are!

Lots of goos boys
Image: @RespectfulMemes/Twitter

#30 – The only opinion that matters.

Image: @BorkBorkBorkf/Facebook

#31 – Which do you see?

Dogs or friend chicken
Image: @PapaSLoas/imgur

#32 – Yes, let her live her life!

Dog wearing tights
Image: @QaizerSoze/Twitter

#33 – He just wants to use the arm rest like his humans.

Dog relaxing on couch
Image: @MarloMeekins/Twitter

#34 – Is this what heaven looks like?

Therapy Dogs Reading
Image: @anlyin/imgur

#35 – This makes the whole party better.

Dog party
Image: @nickpryce4/Twitter

#36 – Petting this dog would be worth it too.

Explosive dog
Image: @MatsonHunter/Twitter

#37 – We all deserve to spoil ourselves now and then.

Spoiled dog
Image: @ItsGirllCode/Twitter

#38 – An important message.

Houston we have a good boy
Image: @thepackforpets/Facebook

#39 – Too close!

Wiener Dog in Car
Image: @SignsFun/Twitter

#40 – Uh oh, they said “W-A-L-K!”

Walkies in the rain
Image: @salcars/Facebook

#41 – The only delivery you’ll ever need.

Image: @InfiniteHype/imgur

#42 – He’s asking the important questions.

Mirror in Bowl
Image: @heartwithwings.net/Facebook

#43 – Is there a dog in this picture?

flower dog
Image: @KpopAmino/Facebook

#44 – Breaking news: we all wish we could be as cool as this dog.

Cool dog
Image: @MetalSkeletal/imgur

#45 – Dogs are so supportive!

Supportive dog
Image: @StumblerTop/Twitter

#46 – What other skills do you really need?

Dog interview
Image: @TheHaremKing/imgur

#47 – This dog understands the importance of random compliments.

Dog hat
Image: @pant_leg/Twitter

#48 – It must be playtime!

Dog loves squeaky toy
Image: @AllTheDoggo/Facebook

#49 – What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. 

Dog blowing in wind
Image: @browsib/imgur

#50 – He looks like the best boy!

Deaf dog
Image: @wakeuptomorrow/imgur

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H/T: buzzfeed.com
Featured Image: @jcravenw/imgur and @salcars/Facebook

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