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6 Of The Most Low Maintenance Dog Breeds

Everyone has their own wants and needs when it comes to choosing the right dog for them. Some people are ready for an intense, active dog that requires a few more hours of attention than others. Some, though, are looking for a low maintenance breed. “Low maintenance” can mean different things to different people, so here we’re going to focus on dog breeds that are minimally active, require little to no grooming, and are affected by minimal genetic health issues. Despite their “ease,” these are no boring dogs! Check out our list of low maintenance dog breeds below:

#1 – Beagle

The Beagle is one of the smallest of the hound breeds and is known for its affectionate and docile temperament. Although they can be noisy, they are relatively easy-going dogs that enjoy regular exercise and snuggling up on the couch with their owners. Their coats are short and do shed, but they require little more than a bath and brushing, as far as grooming is concerned. Beagles need regular exercise, but are generally not the most active dogs and do well with daily walks and play sessions.

#2 – Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers might not be the healthiest of dog breeds, but they are certainly some of the easiest to own. They are social, even-tempered, fun-loving and excellent around children of all ages. They are active, but not overly so, and are easy to train. Their coats shed, but they need minimal grooming. Labradors are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world and with good reason – they are very easy and rewarding dogs to live with.

#3 – Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinschers are feisty little dogs. There is a lot of spirit packed in their tiny bodies. They have very short coats, shed very little, and require minimal grooming. They are not the most active dogs and do well with only regular walks and play sessions. Although generally not recommended for children, Miniature Pinschers can be very affectionate with their owners. They are big dogs in tiny packages and can be amusing to be around.

#4 – Chihuahua

Another toy breed, the smooth-coated (or short-coated) Chihuahua is less grooming maintenance than their rough- or long-coated counterparts. Like all dogs, they do need exercise, but require much less than many other breeds and often prefer to stay indoors. They are not recommended for young children, but make rewarding companions for those looking for a goofy little dog with a big personality.

#5 – American Staffordshire Terrier

Of the breeds listed here, the American Staffordshire Terrier likely requires the most exercise. In fact, they are very active dogs. However, if you’re ready and wanting to take on an active companion, this breed requires little to no grooming outside of a bath and has an outstanding temperament. They are fun-loving, eager to please, affectionate, and always ready to go, which is perfect for anyone considering a low maintenance dog. They are relatively easy to train, and enjoy meeting strangers and hanging out with their friends and family.

#6 – Greyhound

Although the Greyhound often makes people think of running, the breed is actually known for being couch potatoes indoors. They are healthy dogs with very short coats that require little grooming, and they need little exercise, making them an easy choice as a low maintenance dog breed. Although they should be given the opportunity to stretch their legs during walks and playtime, the breed was bred for sprinting and not endurance running, meaning they don’t need to run for hours on end to meet their exercise needs. Greyhounds are affectionate dogs and make very rewarding companions.

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Written by Katie Finlay
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