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6 Surprising Issues A Probiotic Can Help Your Dog Cope With

| Published on June 13, 2018

Probiotics are popular among humans, but did you know they can also help your dog?

To be clear, feeding your companion probiotics formulated for humans is not recommended — the healthy flora in the gut is different in humans and dogs. But with that said, the benefits of taking a species-specific probiotic supplement are very similar!

How can probiotics help my pooch?

Probiotics are known for supporting gut health, which starts a ripple effect: regular, solid bowel movements, happier tummies, and a strengthened immune system are all potential benefits of taking a probiotic, for you and your dog. But did you know that these positive effects can reach far beyond the digestive system and gut?

Dogs Naturally Magazine explains:

“Good bacteria are crucial for the health of your dog’s gut. But they also support her brain, digestion, assimilation of nutrients and – best of all –  her immune system. Boosting your dog’s immune system is probably the most important role of probiotics.”

Below, check out 6 surprising issues a probiotic can help your dog cope with, then decide if a probiotic supplement may help your dog live a healthier life!

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1. Allergies

Like humans, many dogs suffer from allergies — seasonal or otherwise. But new findings are starting to suggest that giving your pup a probiotic supplement may help alleviate these symptoms. Dr. Angie Krause explains:

 While probiotics don’t directly stop your dog from scratching, they do promote gastrointestinal health. Having a good population of healthy bacteria in the gut of your dog can drastically reduce and prevent allergies.”

2. Dry, Dull Skin & Coat

Another side effect of a healthy gut is healthy skin and coat. When nutrients and fluids are readily absorbed, the skin and coat can stay nourished, hydrated, and healthy.

3. Traveling or Boarding

Summer is one of the best times of year to travel. With many hotels, stores, and restaurants becoming increasingly dog-friendly, it’s easier than ever to take your pooch along. Still, some trips mean that your dog has to stay home with a sitter or at boarding facility.

Whether Fido stays or goes, a change of routine can throw off his internal routine. Probiotics help keep everything on track, from his appetite, to his immune system, to his poos.

4. Liver Issues

Thanks to new research, there are findings that suggest that probiotics can support liver health by protecting it from damage-causing free radicals. Your dog’s body can be exposed to free radicals when they take certain medications, but probiotics can help offset it. Who knew?

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5. Feeling Better After Antibiotics or Steroids

It’s no secret that medicines are life-saving marvels, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t have negative effects. After a round of antibiotics or steroids, it may be helpful to replenish your pup’s natural flora with some gut-boosting probiotics so she can feel 100% in no time!

6. Transitioning into a New Home

Even if a dog is adopted into the most loving, caring home, it’s still a transition — and transitions can be stressful. Not to mention, they often come with a change in diet! If you’re thinking of adding a new pooch to the family, particularly one that’s past puppyhood, consider putting him on a probiotic supplement to stave off tummy troubles as he settles in.

I’d like to give my dog a probiotic – which one should I choose?

For a quality, well-rounded supplement, check out our 3-in-1 probiotic for dogs, including prebiotics and digestive enzymes.


Containing probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, and digestive herbs, this digestive supplement is an excellent way to ensure your pet maintains a healthy level of the good bacteria essential in the gut to promote and support overall colon and bowel health.

Riley’s 4-in-1 biotic is made in the USA and its delicious chicken liver flavor means your pooch will eat it up when sprinkled over food! As an added bonus, each purchase provides 14 meals for hungry shelter dogs, so your pooch will feel better and homeless pups will feel full!


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