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7 Signs Your Dog Definitely Needs More Exercise

Written by: Scott H
Scott Haiduc is the Director of Publishing for iHeartDogs, iHeartCats and The Hero Company. When not working, Scott spends his time on the farm, taking care of his animals and crops.Read more
| Published on June 24, 2015

Sufficient exercise is important for all dogs, but some require more than others. Toy breeds are fine with a regular daily walk, while working breeds might need an hour or so of running. Regardless of your dog’s breed, their individual needs will vary as well. If you think your dog is getting enough exercise but you’re seeing some of the telltale signs of inadequate activity we’ve listed here, your dog probably needs to get out a little bit more.

#1 – Obesity


Probably the easiest sign that your dog isn’t getting enough exercise is their weight. Overweight dogs need more exercise (and probably less food intake), because maintaining a healthy weight is very important. Just like people, obesity in dogs causes a wide range of health problems.

#2 – Destructive Behavior


Most destructive behavior happens when dogs are bored. A tired dog is a good dog, as the saying goes, and a bored dog that needs to burn energy will likely take it out on your furniture, walls, gardens and precious belongings. If you have an overly destructive dog, consider that a lack of adequate exercise might be the sole cause.

#3 – Excessive Barking


Many dogs will begin barking when they are bored, especially if you aren’t home. Dogs only have so many ways to communicate their feelings with us and constant barking is a great way to get our attention. Often, all they want to tell us is that they want to go outside and play! Bottled up energy almost always comes out in the form of vocalization.

#4 – Constant Rough Play


Do you have a dog that just can’t play nice? While some owners enjoy wrestling with their dogs, a dog that can’t play without being overly active is often a sign of a dog that has extra energy to burn. If they have too much cooped up energy, they’ll likely have too little self control to play softly.

#5 – Restlessness & Anxiety


Many owners note that their dogs never sleep through the night or constantly keep everyone awake as they wander around the house. Any dog that doesn’t get enough exercise is likely to be restless and if they aren’t given the opportunity to burn their energy, they will get overly anxious and begin pacing. A lack of exercise is just as bad for your dogs mind as it is their body.

#6 – Pulling On Leash


You might have a nice, obedient dog inside the house, but if their overly excited and out of control outside you might not be taking them out enough. Pulling on leash isn’t always bad behavior, it could mean that your dog just really has a lot of energy to burn and needs a nice run rather than a slow stroll. While dogs can and should be trained to behave themselves outside, it’s often not fair to ask them to be controlled when they aren’t given the opportunity to burn their energy elsewhere.

#7 – Attention Seeking


While most dogs will bother their owners from time to time, some dogs are overly obnoxious and are constantly bugging their owners. Whether they’re pushing their nose into you, dropping toys in your lap, whining and barking or just wandering around aimlessly, a dog that is actively seeking attention all day long is likely a dog that isn’t getting enough exercise.

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