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8 Large Dog Breeds That Are Big Babies

Dogs come in various shapes and sizes, but most people are a little intimidated when it comes to the giant breeds. Their size really is impressive and they look very imposing, but more often than not, these dogs are just big babies that want to snuggle. If you’re looking for some gentle giants, look no further than this list.

#1 – Newfoundland

Image source: Matty Sides via Flickr

The Newfoundland is a very large, powerful breed originally used for water rescue and lifesaving work. Because of their job, these dogs are very social, loyal and docile despite their size. In fact, a Newfoundland was the nanny dog, Nana, in J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan.

#2 – Mastiff

Image source: Claudio Gennari via Flickr

Although originally used as a guardian breed, the modern Mastiff is a gentle giant. They are a very large, very powerful breed that is extremely loyal to their human families. They are a docile dog that does well with children despite their impressive appearance.

#3 – Great Dane

Image source: Steve Baker via Flickr

The Great Dane is another giant breed originally used as a guard dog, though he rarely serves this purpose today. Now, Great Danes are known for their goofy personalities, always looking for fun and adventure. They are very social and gentle dogs that enjoy spending time with their people.

#4 – Bernese Mountain Dog

Image source: brando.n via Flickr

This giant breed had many jobs, including pulling carts and general farm work. They are a social, good-natured breed that enjoys spending time with people and meeting new friends. They are very active dogs that enjoy being outdoors and do require a lot of exercise.

#5 – Irish Wolfhound

Image source: VirtualWolf via Flickr

Irish Wolfhounds are extremely large dogs that were used as hunting and guarding dogs. Their size creates an intimidating appearance, but they are very docile and social creatures. They are intelligent, reserved and easy-going.

#6 – Bullmastiff

Image source: Andy Owens via Flickr

The Bullmastiff looks ferocious and that’s part of why it makes a good guardian, but the breed is actually quite soft and docile. They are strong, powerful dogs but are also sensitive to their owners.

#7 – Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Image source: John M. P. Knox via Flickr

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a large, powerful breed used as an all-purpose farm dog. They are fun-loving, adventurous dogs that are surprisingly gentle for their size. They make an excellent choice for families with children looking for a large breed.

#8 – St. Bernard

Image source: DaiRut via Flickr

The St. Bernard is perhaps the classic example of a gentle giant, fairing well with people of all ages including small children. They are sweet, loyal and affectionate dogs that require this temperament in order to perform the search and rescue work in which they were originally used. These dogs are noble companions that may appear frightening by size alone, but are very social and kind.

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Written by Katie Finlay
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