90 Day Fiancé Star And Daughter Accused Of Dog Abuse In Live Video

WARNING: Topic and video might be sensitive to some readers.

In many cases, people need to mind their own business when it comes to someone else’s life. Yet, when someone is put in danger, it might be worse not to get involved.

So, when 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Deavan Clegg shared an Instagram live video that showed her daughter throwing their dog in the background, fans couldn’t keep quiet. When questioned about it, Clegg denied any harm to the dog and got mad at viewers for talking negatively about her daughter.

While many loyal fans are defending Clegg and telling people to stop bringing it up, others just can’t shake off the horrific scene. So, what really happened?

90 Day Fiance Family
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An Innocent Puppy

Clegg’s 5-year-old daughter Drascilla was supposedly best friends with the couple’s new puppy named Bam Bam. On a recent episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Clegg and her husband Jihoon Lee introduced Bam Bam to fans. They said they got him for Drascilla, but fans quickly realized that the dog looked a little too familiar.

Before the episode aired, Bam Bam had appeared in one of Clegg’s Instagram live videos. The video is simply of Clegg doing her makeup, but Drascilla and Bam Bam can be seen in the corner of the screen. If you look closely, you can see the toddler throw the puppy into the air several times. Then, there’s a crash in the background. Clegg turns to ask if Drascilla is okay, but shows no concern for the puppy.

Throwing puppy
Image: Screenshot, Harvest USD YouTube

At first, Clegg laughs and comments about how Driscilla and the puppy are always laughing and having a good time, as Driscilla continues to throw Bam Bam. After the crash, you can still hear Drascilla in the background. Clegg glances at her and asks her to “please stop throwing the dog” and to “put the dog down.” But then, the girl can be seen in the corner once again with the dog in the air. She doesn’t seem to make any effort to stop Driscilla or take the puppy away from her.

The Couple’s Responses

Since the video, Clegg and Lee have received a lot of backlash for the 5-year-old’s actions. In the past, Lee had accused Driscilla of hurting his Poodle named Bakki. Also, after he and Clegg split up, he came forward to explain that Driscilla beat Bam Bam to the point where he lost some of his fur. This only got fans more riled up about the situation. Of course, Clegg’s explanation was much different though.

“My dog is 100% okay. The thud you hear is [Driscilla] falling down into the window by our bed,” said Clegg. “You guys do know Koreans eat dog right? And if you keep reporting they’ll just take my dog and put him down and you will be responsible for my dog’s death.”

Driscilla and Bam Bam
Image: Screenshot, Harvest USD YouTube

In another live video, Clegg added that they first got Bam Bam because he was strong. She said Bakki was too weak, so she wanted to get a “strong dog that loves Driscilla.” But a poor puppy shouldn’t have to be strong when spending time with a loved one. If anything, the child should learn how to be more careful with an innocent puppy.

Clegg defended herself and Driscilla in several videos, but some of her arguments just didn’t add up. At one point, she claimed that Driscilla never threw Bam Bam and that she only held him up in the air. However, in the original video, you can clearly hear her tell her daughter to stop throwing the dog.

Where is Bam Bam Now?

Clegg soon became furious and continuously told people to stop being rude to her daughter. She eventually turned off Instagram comments and took down all pictures of Bam Bam to avoid dealing with the haters. But when Bam Bam appeared on the show, viewers soon became worried about the dog again and started asking where he went.

Thankfully, Bam Bam has since been adopted by a more suitable family. It happened shortly after the video took place. However, Clegg and Lee have very different reasons for surrendering the dog. Lee explained that they gave up Bam Bam due to the abuse from Driscilla and the fact that their new baby was allergic to him, but Clegg pinned the blame entirely on Lee.

Bam Bam Facebook Post
Image: Screenshot, Harvest USD YouTube

“Jihoon gave Bam Bam away when he had a fit of anger. He didn’t want two dogs and would get angry that Bam Bam got more attention than his Poodle. Bam Bam did go to a loving home,” Clegg said.

Something just doesn’t seem right though. How can there be two drastically different sides to one story? It’s clear that neither one of them are perfect, but trying to defend animal abuse is unforgivable. A 5-year-old might not know better, but a mother should know better than to let her daughter be so rough near a puppy.

If you have any uncertainty about who to believe, watch the video to see what went down on Instagram live.

Watch the Original Video Below:

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Featured Image: Screenshots, Harvest USD YouTube

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