Homeless Man Arrested For Hitting And Throwing Innocent Dog

Sometimes, people are not what you expect. They might seem kind when you pass them on the street, but you never know what goes on in their life. Sadly, animal abusers exist all over the world, which is why it’s so important for witnesses to speak up when they see an animal getting hurt.

Ella Gene is a sweet brown dog who wants nothing but love and appreciation. But she was part of a recent animal abuse case in Walton County, Florida. She might not know it yet, but her life is about to get so much better!

Abused shelter dog
Image: @VoiceForUs/Facebook

Ella Gene’s Story

Walton County’s Sheriff Office was alerted by witnesses of a dog being abused near the road. They explained that the man was using his fist like a hammer to strike the dog in the head. Some also said they saw him throw the dog in the air.

When deputies arrived at the scene, they saw a large brown dog running down the side of the road. The man, who was later identified as 40-year-old Jonah Kyle Brewer, was chasing after the dog on a bike. The dog, whose name is Ella Gene, was reportedly scared and hurt. When officials approached Brewer, he didn’t even try to explain or defend himself.

The deputies confronted Brewer for his actions, but his response was, “I don’t have time for you.” The press release also stated that when the police told Brewer they received a report about him harming his dog, he said, “tell me who told you so I can beat him up.”

Jonah Kyle Brewer
Image: Teresa Willis Facebook

Justice is Served

Thankfully, Brewer was arrested and charged with causing pain and suffering to an animal. Ella Gene is currently staying at the Walton County Animal Shelter. She cannot be adopted or fostered until the court has made a decision about her fate. But even so, many people have already offered to take her when she becomes adoptable.

As it turns out, many people recognized Brewer too. He was homeless, so he and Ella Gene would often sit outside the local grocery store in search of donations. Many people were shocked to hear that he had hurt his sweet dog because every time they saw him, he acted so kind. But now it’s clear that this loving dog deserves better.

The Walton County Animal Shelter is accepting donations to help with Ella Gene’s care and the care of all the other animals at their facility. If you’re able, please donate to help these animals get a better life. Hopefully, Ella Gene will get to be with a kind, loving family soon!

Lonely Shelter Dog
Image: @VoiceForUs/Facebook

H/T: nwfdailynews.com
Featured Image: @VoiceForUs/Facebook and Teresa Willis Facebook

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