A Dog With A Troubled Past Wins The People World’s Cutest Rescue Dog Contest

The World’s Cutest Rescue Dog of 2019 has been crowned, and a beautiful Keeshond named Kacey takes the win! Nearly 7,000 rescue dogs entered the contest, but Kacey’s troubling  story captured the public’s hearts.

Sheila Cosgrove, a New Jersey resident, was a member of an online pet rescue network that consisted of several rescues and pet owners. This rescue network helped to spread the word about foster pets in the area, and shed light on the puppy mill operations in the US.

Kasey the Keeshond

The group discovered a puppy mill in upstate New York, that had over 100 Keeshonds in their care. With the push from the general public and this rescue network, an agreement was met where the puppy mill operator would surrender a few Keeshonds at a time. Kasey was one of the lucky dogs that was surrendered.

Cosgrove got word of the surrenders, and volunteered to foster one of the puppy mill rescues until they found their forever family. She took Kasey home, and soon witnessed the affects that this cruel operation had on the rescued pup.

“She would cower in the corner. She didn’t want to be touched or approached. She was just so terrified of people. For several weeks she would just fall asleep sitting up. She couldn’t relax enough to lay down. It was heartbreaking.”- Cosgrove

Kasey the Keeshond

After looking into Kasey’s history, she learned that she was repeatedly bred, neglected, and left outside 24/7. She was covered in bald spots, of which were related to living in stressful conditions. She had never known the love of human, so Cosgrove and her family made it their mission to show her exactly how it felt to be surrounded by caring hearts.

After a few months in the Cosgrove home, Kacey began to bloom. What was once an on edge pup that didn’t know how to trust, was now a playful pup that welcomed new humans with open arms. She is now confident enough to approach new admirers, and even asks for pets and cuddles! The Cosgroves were so inspired by Kasey’s transformation, that they couldn’t bear the thought of letting her go. They knew she belonged in their family.


“For all those people who failed her, she still has this power of forgiveness. It’s amazing.”- Cosgrove

By winning the 2019 Cutest Rescue Dog award, Kasey receives a year supply of dog food from Pedigree, an appearance on the Today show, and a $1,000 donation to the Keeshond Affiliated Rescuers of the Mid-Atlantic (KARMA).

Sheila Cosgrove hopes that Kasey’s story will inspire others to take a chance on a rescue dog, as they are some of the most loving and loyal furry friends out there! We are truly impressed by Kasey’s journey, and hope that other animal lovers follow in the Cosgrove family’s footsteps!

H/T: www.people.com

Image Source: www.facebook.com/sheila.kramercosgrove

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