A Pet’s Farewell Letter: A Video For Anyone Who Has Lost A Beloved Pet

Our dogs are more than just pets to us. They are our best friends, they are part of the family. That is why we give them everything they need to make them happy and to make their lives comfortable. We make sure that they feel our love and that they get the utmost care when they get sick.

But dogs’ lives are short, and unfortunately for us, the time will come when we have to say good bye to them. This is the hardest part in a dog lover’s life–saying goodbye to a beloved dog.

The video below is a farewell letter from a dog to his/her best friend. If your dog could speak and vocalize how much you mean to him, and all the things he want to say to you before he leaves, this goodbye letter would say it all.

(Before watching this video, be sure to prepare your tissues. This one is a tearjerker.)

I sobbed like a baby after I watched this video.

Losing a pet is hard, and saying goodbye to them is the most difficult of all. But having them in our lives, even for just a little while, makes the pain of goodbye worth it.

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