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A Rural Shelter Received HUGE Updates Because Of Your Purchases!

Part of each sale through the iHeartDogs store is donated to Greater Good, which helps support various charities. Thanks to customers like you, happy endings, like the one below, are made possible. 

The ANNA Shelter (Association for Needy and Neglected Animals) is a small, rural shelter in Erie, Pennsylvania. They were the lucky recipients of Pedigree’s 48 – See What Good Food Can Do campaign for the entire state of Pennsylvania. They won a generous grant for improvements to their shelter along with much needed Pedigree dog food!

With Rescue Rebuild being in constant communication with shelter board members, together they came up with a plan that best suited the shelter’s needs. The Rescue Rebuild team then loaded up and made their way to Erie, Pennsylvania!

With 50+ volunteers, they had quite the workforce to get everything done. They first worked diligently to remove all the brush and evasive plants that had started to overtake the property. This opened up so much room for kennels and play yards! Next, they divided up, and while some were landscaping the newly-repurposed land, others were painting the entire outside of the shelter and all of the kennels inside of the intake area. This helped to freshen up the shelter immensely, making it more inviting for potential adopters, as well as helping to keep the kennels sanitized.

Image Source: The ANNA Shelter


Another project that the shelter had been wanting to do but never had the time was a thorough cleaning and reorganizing of the entire place. Volunteers took to the washbasins and bathed all the animals as an added bonus to the shelter team. Kennels and play yards were then added, allowing the animals room to run around and play, putting smiles on the faces of the staff and the dogs!

Image Source: The ANNA Shelter


The ANNA Shelter was ecstatic with the renovations they received, and now so many more happy dogs will not only feel good, they will also look good when prospective adopters come to visit. The play yards will also provide a fun and exciting area for them to let off a lot of that pent-up energy! What a great way to help our furry four-legged friends!

Image Source: The ANNA Shelter


The ANNA Shelter is one of the many groups that benefit from Greater Good’s Rescue Rebuild program. Every time you make a purchase from the iHeartDogs shop, you’re helping fund projects just like this!

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Written by Courtney VanSickle
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