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Instead Of Rescuing An Abandoned Dog, They Tied Her To A Tree & Left Her To Die

| Published on November 19, 2022

When Daisy the hunting dog was no longer of use to her owner, she was abandoned and left to fend for herself. She barely survived on scraps of food in a dangerous part of town.

Daisy was heartlessly tied to a tree by a resident who saw her as a “nuisance” in the area. She was left there for more than 24 hours before someone called “DAR Animal Rescue” for help. By the time rescuer Ermioni arrived, Daisy was incoherent from fear, hunger, and loneliness.

When Ermioni approached Daisy, she was so petrified that she thought she was about to be harmed, even though not a single other person had come forward to help her.


Source and Image Screenshot: DAR Animal Rescue via YouTube


As Ermioni moved closer to the dog, Daisy’s eyes grew wider in fear. When Erminoni finally caught hold of Daisy, she realized that the animal was terrified. She could feel its heart pounding rapidly and did her best to hug and comfort it.

Ermioni quickly freed Daisy from the ropes and picked her up. She was horrified by how the residents around her just stared, not seeming to care about Daisy at all. They gave Ermioni strange looks, but no one bothered to ask if Daisy was okay.


Source and Image Screenshot: DAR Animal Rescue via YouTube


Unfortunately, Daisy’s health was not in good condition when she went to the vet. She had low blood pressure, high white cells, and diarrhea because of the recent trauma. However, thanks to treatment Daisy became healthy again quickly and was able to start fresh in the shelter within a few days.

Though Daisy was better physically, the emotional damage she endured still manifested itself around others. She was shy and withdrawn from both humans and animals alike. When she saw other dogs playing, it only served to remind her of how lost she felt. It would be a long time before emotionally healed completely.

The workers were very patient with Daisy, letting her heal gradually and at her own pace. As time passed, she became less fearful and even started wagging her tail faintly. eventually, she realized that she was safe and loved, and embraced her second chance at life enthusiastically!


Source and Image Screenshot: DAR Animal Rescue via YouTube


She now resides in her forever home, relaxed and contentment only a German dog could know. She loves spending time with her family and doggie siblings, flaunting how happy she is through beautiful smiles. If the people of the neighborhood where she was tied up years ago could see how serenely happy she is now, maybe they would become more empathetic to strays in the future.

Click the video below to watch Daisy’s vulnerability and brokenness after she was forsaken and left tied to a tree.


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