Abused And Disobedient, Bulldog Becomes Bilingual To Find His Forever Home

A frightened American Bulldog was found tied to the gates of an RSPCA animal centre in the early hours of an August morning. Not only was the pup tightly chained and terrified about what he had just been through, but there were also a few unexpected complications to come as well.

It took two members of the RSPCA to free the abandoned Bulldog, as he was tied so tightly that he could barely lie down. Once the team was finally able to break him free, the reality of the situation began to set in.

hector rescue

As the crew began to examine the nervous Bulldog, they noticed that he was covered in what appeared to be cigarette burns. Not only were they dealing with a possible abuse case, but it seemed like the pup was not responding to anything they said.

He didn’t seem to understand the team of rescuers, and this soon made sense after reviewing their security footage. The CCTV revealed the car that abandoned him at the shelter, and showed that it had a foreign license plate. After attempting to offer a few basic commands in different languages, the pup finally responded to German commands.

hector rescue

Now that the animal care team could finally communicate with the broken pup, they began to discover just how intelligent this furry friend was. He knew how to perform a long list of German commands, and was eager to please when he was given the chance.

The team couldn’t begin to understand why this lovely pup was abandoned in the way that he was. With everything he had been through in this traumatic ordeal, they made it their mission to offer him the future he always deserved. After lovingly naming him Hector, they got to work on teaching him how to understand English!

“With the love and patience of our Animal Care team, Hector began to take the first steps on his path towards recovering from the distressing ordeal of his abandonment. He started to show off the goofy personality our team have got to know and love, and most importantly of all, he learned how to relax and have fun.” – RSPCA Team

hector rescue

Hector proved just how intelligent and eager to learn that he was, that he quickly picked up on an array of English commands and tricks. The team dove into a rewarding training program for their new furry friend, and watched his beautiful personality bloom in the process.

“We started to introduce him to English words and used hand signals alongside verbal commands so he started to pick it up really quickly. He’s a very intelligent dog and is very loving.” – RSPCA Team

Hector is now ready to find the forever family of his dreams and has been able to put his heartbreaking past behind him. While he has grown in so many ways with the RSPCA team on his side, there are a few things he is still a bit wary of.

Hector still seems a bit nervous around cigarettes and those that smoke in general, confirming the initial fears that he was burned in his previous home. It also takes him a bit of time to warm up to new people, which is understandable due to his trauma in the past.

hector rescue

“He definitely has a negative association with smokers, which confirms our suspicion that he’s been burned using a cigarette. We have two smokers here and they are the only members of staff that he can be unsure of. The only similarity between them and the only reason for him to be nervous is that they both smoke.” – RSPCA Team

If you live in the East Ardsley area and think you can offer Hector the loving home he deserves, be sure to check out his adoption profile on the RSPCA website. We want Hector to find the forever family of his dreams, and can’t wait to watch him overcome his troubling past as time goes on!

H/T: thesun.co.uk
Image Source: RSPCA/FB


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