Adoring Dog Mom Makes A Mini-Plate For Her Pup Every Dinnertime

As loving pawrents, we’ve probably all felt a pang of guilt watching our dogs eat the same old thing day after day as we enjoy our deliciously varied diets.

Many owners opt to prepare homemade diets for their pups, but one adoring dog mom is taking it to a whole new level. Twitter user, Ashton Burton posted a series of photos showing the adorable mini-meals her mother prepares each night for the family Papillon, Tiny.

“My mom seriously makes my dog a mini plate of whatever we eat for dinner every night….”


Basically, whatever the Burton family has for dinner, Tiny has for dinner – safely and in moderation, of course! Tiny has always gotten a healthy mix of dog-approved “human foods” in his diet, but has only recently had his own twin mini-meals along with the rest of the family.


Wondering what’s on the menu for Tiny in an average week? Shredded chicken, white potatoes, rice, broccoli, baby carrots (his favorite!), beans, and an occasional ravioli. All of these items are perfectly healthy for pups – well, the ravioli may not be the best choice depending on the filling.


But as long as these items are prepared without spices, heavy sauces or fatty cooking techniques, they are safe, delicious dog bowl additions.


It’s worth noting that Tiny is extremely healthy – just look at those bright eyes and that soft, shiny coat!

Consult your veterinarian before changing your dog’s diet, especially if he or she has food allergies or other medical/dietary needs.


What do you think of Tiny’s pup-sized doggy dinners? Do you prepare any special treats for your pooch?


H/T to Metro News

Featured Images via Twitter/Ashton Burton

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