Adventure Group Bands Together To Rescue Dog From Steep Rock

If you’re an outdoorsy person, odds are you have an outdoorsy dog who loves accompanying you on your adventures. Hiking, swimming, exploring, and camping with our dogs can be fun ways to exercise and enjoy some fresh air together. That’s why Utah-based pup siblings Summer and Winter often accompany their parents on ATV trips.

On one of their routine explorations of the backcountry, Summer took a misstep and ended up sliding dangerously down the rock. Luckily, she’s an obedient dog who listened to shouts from above for her to stay put. Eventually, it became clear the dog would need to be rescued.

Jim Prairie via Facebook

Bill and Vickie Bagshaw, the dog’s parents, are members of the nonprofit Utah ATV Association. Steven Hawkins, the president of Utah ATV Association, was also present when Summer fell. Hawkins described the worrisome scene to Fox 13:

“Summer got down and she just kind of stepped off the edge a little bit and started sliding. I was like, ‘This can’t happen like this. I have to do something.'”

The Daring Rescue Of A Patient Dog

Since the group of ATV riders (known as “The Wild Bunch”) had trained in rescue and possessed the necessary supplies, Hawkins climbed down the rock to hoist Summer back up. A few friends and even some strangers joined in the risky rescue efforts. He explained:

“Everyone came together to help out a dog. If it had been a human, it wouldn’t have been any different, but people we didn’t even know jumped in to help out.”

Jim Prairie via Facebook

An incredible video of the rescue shows Summer looking up from her precarious position, wagging her tail as Hawkins approached. She remained still enough not to slide down the steep rock any further in the meantime. Vickie Bagshaw shared how she was able to push aside her own fears to save her dog.

“I am scared of heights. I am terrified of heights, and it didn’t even cross my mind when she was there. We just jumped into rescue mode.”

Screenshot, Fox 13 News

Because these friends and adventurers didn’t hesitate to do anything for a dog in peril, Summer is perfectly safe after a very scary day. Still, the images are pretty remarkable to look at. Someone could have been hurt, and miraculously no one was.

After this terrifying and exhilarating experience, Bagshaw expressed gratitude for those who value a dog’s life so highly.

“We knew we had a good group of friends, but I will tell you this solidified it and I think it’s made us all a lot closer.”

Screenshot, Fox 13 News

A resilient pup, Summer won’t stop adventuring after this either.

H/T: Fox 13
Featured Image: Jim Prairie via Facebook, Screenshot, Fox 13 News

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