A Special Bond With His Person May Help Chewy Win ‘America’s Top Dog’

“America’s Top Dog” on the A & E network is the reality show dog lovers needed in their lives. The competition show features talented dogs and their handlers competing on an obstacle course designed to test their speed, agility, teamwork, and trust. That last aspect, the bond between dog and trainer, proved pretty important in the success of one team: Team Chewy. The pup and his trainer/mom, Rachel Clark, won their first episode in Season 2, making it to the grand … Read more

Dog Alerts Sleeping Dad In Time For Both To Escape Burning Home

If your dog starts frantically barking at you at three in the morning, you may want to resist the urge to tell them to cut it out. Ask one very lucky Orange County resident, who’s extremely grateful his dog Maggie woke him up at twilight one day this week. When Maggie barked frantically at her dad Joel Rosa while he slept, she likely saved his life. It turned out she was trying to alert him to the flames spreading throughout … Read more

Protective Golden Retriever Chases Away Home Intruder

In addition to being wonderful, loving companions, dogs can make our lives better in a myriad of ways. One amazing trait many of our canine friends possess is an inherent interest in protecting us from harm. Recently, in the Elizabeth neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina, homeowner Martin Jacobs suddenly awoke in the middle of the night. He and his Golden Retriever Gus had been sleeping in the kitchen while their home was being renovated. Jacobs described that moment to WCNC … Read more

Given A Chance, Frightened Former Stray Ralphie Slowly Learned To Trust

If you didn’t already know, part of each sale on the iHeartDogs.com store is donated to Greater Good Charities, which offers grants for programs like Rescue Bank. Shopping from the iHeartDogs store is the reason heartwarming stories like the one below are made possible! When Ralphie was plucked off the streets of Houston and brought into an overcrowded city pound, he was estimated to be around 3 to 4 years old. Terrified by the new surroundings, he stood very little chance of … Read more

Italian Lifeguard Dogs Leap From Helicopters To Save People

Rescuing people struggling to stay afloat at sea is very challenging and potentially dangerous work. Sometimes, lifeguards or Coast Guardsmen need to use speedboats, hydraulic winches, and even helicopters to pull people from the water. When it comes to something as important as saving lives, there’s no shame in getting a little help from man’s best friend. A special school in Italy specifically trains skilled dogs to perform incredible water rescues. Because of this program, even the Italian Coast Guard … Read more

Moose The Beekeeping Dog Has His Own Custom Bee Suit

Even though it’s one of their best traits, sometimes our dogs wanting to be wherever we are and do whatever we’re doing can prove challenging. Most times, it’s harmless, like the pup sitting directly on your laptop while you’re trying to work. For one dog in Edmonton named Moose, the risks of loyalty are a little higher. The 1-year-old Yellow Lab’s parents have an urban bee colony in their backyard that lets them produce honey. A person who knows what … Read more

Meet The Dogs In The Swedish Royals’ Family Reunion Photo

As someone who grew up in Midwestern America, my personal interest in royal families tends to start and stop at their dogs. In general, I’m more interested in the lifestyles of the rich and famous dogs of the world than people. But that’s me. Recently, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden sat for a gorgeously composed photo with their three children and eight grandchildren. Also present at this royal family reunion were some of the royal dogs. … Read more

Pittie Found In Ditch Missing Ears Thanks The Rescuers Who Saved His Life

In January of 2020, York County Animal Control in South Carolina received a call about a dog abandoned by the side of a dirt road. Right away it was clear this poor dog had been through a lot. Scooter, as he would soon be called, was used as a bait dog. He’d been tied up by his back legs and hung from a tree so fighting dogs could learn how to fight by attacking him. As a result of this … Read more

Injured Surfside Collapse Response Dog Thanked With Free Flight Home

Teddy the therapy dog’s presence was much needed at the site of the Surfside Condo Collapse. The 6-year-old Basset Hound/Labrador mix traveled from Philadelphia to Surfside, Florida with a team of crisis response dogs shortly after the 12-story building crumbled, killing at least 97 people. As a crisis response dog, Teddy was there to comfort first responders and people mourning lost or missing loved ones. With his owner Sophie Barrett, Teddy traveled across the rubble where rescue and recovery took … Read more

Perfectly Healthy Dog Suffers Fatal Brain Damage Following Routine Vet Visit

On July 2nd, Chelsea Graham brought her three-year-old Italian Mastiff, Draco, to Laurel Oaks Animal Hospital in Georgia for a heartworm test and shots. That day, Draco arrived at the clinic “a perfectly healthy” dog. Graham knew her dog’s anxiety made him a little difficult at the vet. His size would also provide a bit of a challenge for vet techs trying to restrain him. She says she told vets Draco was a bit of a difficult dog, and he … Read more

Soldier Finally Reunites With Stray Pup He Rescued In Iraq

Once you rescue a dog, it’s hard to imagine your life without them. It’s even harder to imagine your dog having to return to a life without you on the streets. This is the predicament that many soldiers stationed overseas face when they meet and fall in love with strays. Army Specialist Ken Wyrsch met a dog named Ollie while fighting alongside a Kurdish military outfit in Iraq. The stray puppy soon became like a family member to everyone stationed … Read more

NY Police Rescue Dog & The Owner Who Jumped Into Hudson River To Save Him

It makes you shudder to think about it, but have you ever wondered what you would do if your dog was in danger? Would you put yourself at risk to save them? Or, would you wait for professional help to arrive and risk something happening to your pup in the meantime? One dog owner opted to act fast when his pup accidentally fell into the Hudson River in New York this month. The 28-year-old jumped into the Hudson at 43rd … Read more

16 Recent Dog Posts That Make Social Media Worth It

Through all the negativity and performativity on social media, posts about dogs remain the best reason to have an account. That’s why I pretty much exclusively follow shelters and animal influencers on Instagram. It makes all the noise worth it. Just to bring some joy to your day, here are 16 of this month’s amazing posts from Twitter, Tik Tok, and Reddit featuring excellent puppers. 1. A Little Pup Enjoying A Tasty Puppacino It kind of seems like he enjoys … Read more

Abandoned In July Heat, Buddy And Red Rosie Were Saved And You Helped

If you don’t already know, part of each sale on the iHeartDogs.com store is donated to Greater Good Charities, which offers grants for programs like Rescue Bank. Customers like you are the reason heartwarming stories like the ones below are made possible! In the blazing July heat in 2016, a family moved out of their Indiana home and left their two young dogs locked up in a chain-link pen. Luckily, a kind neighbor saw Buddy and Red Rosie suffering and … Read more

Dogs Who Collapsed From Exhaustion On Hot Hikes Rescued

Naturally, many of us want to take our dogs with us wherever we go, and they’re usually pretty eager to tag along as well. Now, if only our dogs could tell us when they’re ready to call it quits. Frustratingly, they need their people to know the signs of exhaustion and look out for them. After multiple incidents, a Colorado mountain rescue team asked dog parents to plan ahead when taking their dogs hiking. Even the most active dogs can … Read more

Pete Davidson’s New Dog Has Been “Great” For His Anxiety

Countless studies have shown that having dogs can improve your mental health. Besides making us smile by being adorable, they encourage us to be more active and petting a dog can even lower your blood pressure. Actor and comedian Pete Davidson of Saturday Night Live (and dating Ariana Grande) fame has been very open about his struggles with mental health. On a positive note, it seems he found a nice alternative treatment for his anxiety and depression: A Havanese named … Read more

Meet TV’s “Top Dog,” Police K-9 Capone And His Handler

Personally, I’ve always believed there should be more TV shows about dogs. If that’s how you feel too, you might already know all about the show “America’s Top Dog” on the A & E network. The reality competition show features talented dogs and their handlers competing on an obstacle course designed to test their speed, agility, teamwork, and trust. In the recent third episode of the current second season, a 6-year-old Belgian Malinois named Capone and his handler, Senior Police … Read more

Shih-Tzu With Amputated Legs Rescued By Detective With Prosthetic

On March 6, 2021, the San Diego Humane Society’s Law Enforcement rescued two dogs from a home in Mira Mesa, California. Their back paws had been bandaged so tightly, blood flow was cut off. The dogs’ previous owner said it was to prevent them from licking and scratching, but ultimately both dogs needed to have their back paws amputated. Fortunately, one of these poor pups, Chloe the 9-year-old Shih Tzu, would end up finding a family that understands her. Mostly, … Read more

Soap Opera Star Sells Handmade Mugs To Raise Money For Dog Charities

Rena Sofer, The Bold And The Beautiful and General Hospital actress, found a fun way to make money off cursing. Ever artistic and altruistic, the soap opera star designed a cheeky “F-off” clay glazed mug and decided it could be useful for more than just holding coffee. An animal lover, Sofer donated profits from the handmade mugs to help animals in need. Fortunately, other TV personalities like The Young And The Restless stars Michelle Stafford and Courtney Hope also support the actress’ mission. … Read more

Your Support Led To Buster And Octavia Being Saved

If you don’t already know, part of each sale on the iHeartDogs.com store is donated to Greater Good Charities, which offers grants for programs like Rescue Bank. Customers like you are the reason heartwarming stories like the ones below are possible. Saving animals, while worthwhile, can be very expensive. When shelters and independent rescues receive food or financial grants, they can use what funds they do have for other important things like surgeries and overhead costs. Rescue Bank donations helped … Read more

“Clean Start” Grooming Program Helps Adoptable Dogs Get Shiny & Healthy

Regular grooming doesn’t just keep a dog looking fresh. Grooming also keeps them healthy, and in some cases, a good grooming can turn a matted stray into an adoptable dog. After all, some potential adopters do tend to unfairly judge a book by its filthy cover. In a partnership with the Humane Society of North Central Florida, Scenthound aims to groom and care for rescue dogs. The wellness-centered grooming service will also take care of their health concerns like matted … Read more

Vet Bills Are Often Unaffordable, But Pawp Can Help

You’ve heard the horror stories. You’ve seen the many crowdfunding pages. Maybe you’ve even experienced it for yourself. Vet bills can be extremely expensive, even unaffordable. There are countless cases of pet parents bringing their animals to the vet and ultimately not being able to afford the treatment their best friends need. Even the visit itself can cost a pretty penny. Fortunately, there are options that don’t involve emptying your account when your pets are sick. Millions Of Pet Owners … Read more

Gizmo The Therapy Dog Helps Kids Cope With Stress

When you’re a kid, you don’t really know how to use coping strategies when it comes to your emotions. Fortunately, a new curriculum, “Gizmo’s Pawsome Guide to Mental Health,” will help children across the country with that. It’s inspired by a cute little therapy dog named Gizmo. Naturally, the Maltese, Papillon, and Japanese Chin mix resembles the Mogwai from the 1984 film Gremlins. His small size makes him easy to hold, and his sweet face makes him easy to love. … Read more

You Can Easily Avoid Expensive Vet Bills With Pawp

It’s not just the dog who reacts violently to the idea of going to the vet. The thing is, vet visits are often very expensive. They’re also not always necessary. Since our pets can’t vocalize what’s wrong with them, we have to be their advocates, and that often means just taking them to the vet out of caution or passion. Then you find out they didn’t need treatment, and you end up with a heaping bill. You Could Have Skipped … Read more

Dog Surrendered With 15 Pound Tumor Now Lives A Happy Life

Sadly, owner-surrenders are very common at shelters everywhere. People return or surrender their dogs for many reasons, ranging from children’s allergies to financial distress to housing that won’t allow pets to pure callousness. Despite this commonly occurring situation, a Dallas area rescue was shocked when a pup named Hattie was surrendered. Hattie’s owners brought her to a local shelter in 2018, and at the time, she had a massive tumor growing on her left side. (Warning: some may consider the … Read more

Survey Reveals How The Pandemic Has Changed Our Pets


In addition to the medical ones, the coronavirus pandemic had many other unforeseen consequences. Some of those changes include our pets’ behavior, according to a recent survey cataloging thousands of pet parents. Just like their human family members, companion animals had to adjust to a new way of life during Covid. For some, that shifted the way they interact with their families or with others outside the household. Researchers from the Universities of York and Lincoln in the UK surveyed … Read more

New Police Therapy Pup Named For Beloved Trooper Killed In The Line Of Duty

A new extra hairy officer will soon join the Bellevue Nebraska Police force. A dog, that is. His name is “Pawfficer Mo,” honoring a fallen Colorado State trooper, Will Moden. The adorable Goldendoodle puppy will eventually become a certified therapy dog. He’ll be there to offer emotional support to officers and citizens during emergencies, community outreach events, and more. It’s hard to think of a sweeter dedication to a beloved late officer. How Mo Got His Job And Name Midwest … Read more

Priyanka Chopra Jonas Has 3 Tattoos Dedicated To Her Dogs

Everyone who’s ever loved a dog knows that love is permanent, even if your time with them isn’t. Many people choose to symbolize this forever love with something a little longer-lasting: tattoos. This ink on skin serves as an artistic tribute and a regular reminder of a fur kid. Recently the world learned that Actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas has three tiny paw-print ankle tattoos, each dedicated to one of her (and husband Nick Jonas’) dogs. Hubby/pop singer Jonas posted a … Read more

River, The Dog Who Inspired A ‘Fallout 4’ Game Character, Passes Away

If you’re a gamer, you may know her as “Dogmeat” from Fallout 4. If that sounds like gibberish to you, let me introduce you to River, as she was known in real life. I’m talking about an actual dog who inspired a video game character (also a dog.) River the German Shepherd’s time in the studio had a huge impact on the popular game. Fallout 4, a series installment released in 2015, is a role-playing game set in a post-apocalyptic environment. … Read more

Instagram Model Who Stomped On Her Dog Avoids Jail Time

Punishment for animal abusers ultimately rests with the judge on the case. Still, with how far and wide things can circulate on the internet, these criminals often get their comeuppance in other ways too. That’s what’s fueling angry animal lovers after a woman arrested for a 2017 abuse incident received a less-than-severe sentence. Keevonna Wilson initially pled not guilty, but later accepted a plea deal. In the end, the judge gave Wilson four years probation, community service, and ordered her … Read more