Teen’s Dog Treat Business Booms In Rough Times

The ongoing pandemic has forced everyone, even young adults, to get creative. We’ve learned new ways to socialize, exercise, learn, and earn money.

Lynnsey Hauger, a freshman at Berkley High School in Michigan, was inspired by her love of dogs to find a new source of income this year. Unable to earn her usual babysitting dollars, Lynnsey started her own small company at home: Lubirds Dog Treats.

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Every day, Hauger makes gluten-free, dog-safe treats from her own kitchen. She bakes the goodies around her school work and sells them locally.  Ingredients are all-natural and gluten-free. Bags come in four sizes and range in price from 6 small treats for $5 to 12 medium treats for $12.

The small home-based business originally began catering to friends and family, and the orders began to pile up. After all, who doesn’t love giving their dog treats? Hauger has already sold hundreds of them. The 14-year-old told Fox 2:

“It’s really been a positive addition to me because I’ve been able to have something to do, and I think for other people that get the treats, it’s positive for them because everybody loves to spoil their dogs.”

The project is also largely a collaborative family effort. Hauger’s parents support her business around the work and school days.

“My dad will leave around 11 o’clock to get more ingredients if I need more on my lunchtime, I will make more dog treats put them in the oven by the time school ends, mom and I will go deliver the treats.”

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Naturally, after Hauger’s story aired on the news, people flooded to the Lubirds Dog Treats Facebook page requesting treats. For now, the company can only deliver treats locally, or customers can pick them up. She accepts payment via cash or Venmo.


Who knows, maybe someday Lynnsey will expand her popular business! If you aren’t local, you can look into other ways to support the business on their Facebook page. It’s always nice to encourage an innovative young entrepreneur.

You can also give homemade treats a shot yourself if you’re sheltering at home. We have plenty of great recipe ideas with ingredients safe (and yummy) for dogs. Consult with a vet to ensure your pup doesn’t have any surprise food allergies.

Since dogs can teach kids about responsibility and compassion, it’s no surprise our canine friends inspire so many young people.

H/T: Fox2
Featured Image: LubirdsDogTreats/Facebook

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