Man’s Incarceration Leads To Unwanted Puppy Who Prays For New Home

A man adopted a puppy he named Arnold, and was arrested soon after. His arrest turned into a lengthy incarceration, leaving the puppy without a home. A neighbor took Arnold in but soon realized he couldn’t care for him. The neighbor reached out to The Asher House for help.

Lee raced over to meet Arnold. The moment Lee set eyes on Arnold, he knew that the little guy would be an excellent candidate for a new family. His squishy little face and calm demeanor said it all!


The pup, with Lee as his guide, began his journey towards a better life—and it’s about to give you all the feels. Lee had to stop at a hotel on the way back due to traffic but this was a blessing in disguise. While on the hotel bed, feeling all safe and loved (finally!), Arnold began to wag his tail and snuggle into Lee. Then, some serious puppy and human kisses ensued.


Lee and Arnold’s quick bond is one you cannot miss. Check out Arnold’s rescue story and get ready to fall in love with them both! Thank you, Lee and The Asher House. You do amazing things for pups in need! We also want to thank the neighbor for reaching out to Lee when he was in over his head. Surrendering a pup is never easy but keeping a dog you cannot handle can be a disaster and lead to consequences no pet deserves.

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