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Artistic Dog’s Paintings Raise $4K For Shelter

| Published on December 22, 2019

Actually making money with art is no simple task. A Staffordshire Terrier with success selling his art has some advice for you: 1) Be a dog who paints, 2) Give all the money to an animal shelter.

That Staffy is named Rico, but people call him Ricasso. He’s a full-on professional artist and also a shelter dog at Animal Welfare League Of Alexandria. Rico’s powerful and active wagging tail didn’t go unnoticed by staff. They do “Rico’s Art Lessons” with him, which is playtime that lets Rico use his happy tail to create. Not to worry, all the paint used is animal safe and washable.

Screenshot, @alexandriaanimals/Facebook

Gina Hardter, director of marketing & communications at the rescue league is also the painting pup’s “assistant.” She told NBC4 he loves painting time.

“When the creative spirit struck him he would really get going and do three or four pieces at a time.”

Rico’s gorgeous works of art were hung up on the walls at the rescue. Visitors started asking how they could get their hands on a “Ricasso original”. There’s even an online quiz about which of the dog’s paintings you’re most like.

The AWLA decided to hold a special auction event on December 6th.


Attendees could bid on items by holding up adorable paddles with a picture of Rico on them. Rico’s paintings sold for hundreds of dollars each. One piece “Pinny in Technicolor,” inspired by his bowling pin toy, sold for $600!


Animal Welfare League Of Alexandria shared that the pup is continuously inspired by his favorite toys.

“When asked about plans for future projects, Rico mentioned an interest in performance art as a way to incorporate more of his favorite toys into his expression. Until then, Rico enjoyed some well-deserved days off with his #AwesomeFoster.”

It’s pretty hard to understand how an ethereal talent like this is still available for adoption! Won’t someone bring home this thriving artist?


Rico’s adoption page says all you need to know about the playful boy.

“My friends here at the shelter tell me I’m a total ‘people-guy,’ as I’d prefer to spend my days snuggled up next to my hooman, without the company of other animals. If you’ve got room in your life for a goofy guy with a heart of gold, come meet me today!”

Watch the pup’s creative process below:

And if you happen to be interested in purchasing art that benefits shelter animals, might I suggest They’re no Ricasso, but you can’t compete with that.

Featured Image: @AlexandriaAnimals/Facebook

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