17M Shelter Meals Donated 160K Toys Donated $324K Funded for Service Dogs 28K Blankets Donated 211K Rescue Miles Funded
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    My Dog Had Excruciating Hip & Joint Pain. Now He Has The Zoomies After I Changed This One Thing.

    Hi, I’m Justine! If you’re reading my story, you probably have a beautiful pup that...

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      2017 Holiday Digest

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          We believe the holidays can be about both the fun of gift-giving and the joy of giving back....

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                  The 10 Smelliest Dog Breeds

                  While all dogs stink from time to time and if not groomed regularly, some seem to carry a...

                    10 High-Maintenance Breeds Who Are Totally Worth The Extra Effort!

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                      How To Be A Dog…In 21 Hilarious Drawings

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