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Dog Thrown From Truck For Expecting Puppies Isn’t Pregnant

Written by: Julie Hunt
Julie Hunt is an avid dog lover and writer for, and has a background as a veterinary technician. She rescued a beautiful former bait dog named Rory.Read more
| Published on June 1, 2024

It is profoundly distressing when a beloved pet suddenly becomes ill. With the fear and confusion this may cause, it is essential to stay by their side, offering reassurance, love, and care while ensuring they receive medical attention. While we understand that vet care can be quite pricey, it is NEVER okay to abandon a pet just because they are sick. Tragically, the young dog in this story was ditched by her owner when she was in her most fragile state. She was discarded in the cruelest way possible– her owner threw her out of his truck and into a landfill. Initially, the dog believed it to be a mistake and attempted to chase after the vehicle, but soon exhausted, she collapsed on the road.


Despite her poor health, she tried to crawl, but it was too much for her. Fortunately, rescuers spotted her and came to her aid. Observing her swollen belly, they initially thought she might be pregnant. However, it became clear that wasn’t the case. The puppy was actually suffering from extreme malnutrition—her ribs and spine were prominently visible despite her distended abdomen. Upon arriving at the veterinary clinic, the doctors were shocked. A thorough examination revealed her stomach was filled with fluid, a symptom of liver dysfunction.


She also suffered from a severe, infested wound on her leg, which hampered her ability to walk. Thankfully, she was now in a place where she could receive the necessary medical care. The rescuers fed her, and she eagerly consumed her meal, readying herself for the procedure needed to relieve her condition. The vets had to drain her stomach repeatedly, eventually removing more than a gallon of fluid.


The focus then shifted to her recovery. Diagnosed with liver failure, she was placed on a regimen of medication and under continuous watch. After a month and a half of intensive care, she was healthy enough to leave the clinic. The person who had been most involved in her care had grown deeply attached to her and decided to adopt her.

They named her Azalea and welcomed her into their home to begin a new chapter. Already having other dogs, Azalea found herself in a lively household where she learned the joys of being part of a pack. Two weeks later, during a follow-up visit to the vet, it was confirmed that her treatment was effective and her liver was improving.

The veterinarians were delighted to see Azalea, once so subdued, now energetically running around, seeking affection and kisses from everyone she met. Although Azalea had to experience unthinkable heartache, we are relieved she found her bliss.

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