With Eyes Swollen Shut, Baby Fox Is Too Weak To Fight When Strangers Approach

Wild animals don’t have humans looking out for them the same way pets do. So, if they get sick, recovery can be incredibly difficult. Luckily, there are many kind people out there who spend time rescuing, rehabilitating, and then releasing wild animals so these critters can get a second chance at life.

One example of this is a young fox who was found with a severe case of mange. She had several infections and she couldn’t open her eyes, making her chances of surviving on her own very slim. Luckily, animal rescuers found her and saved her before it was too late.

Fox with mange

Becoming a Happy, Healthy Fox

When the rescuers at Second Chances Wildlife Center found the sick fox, she didn’t have a lot of fight left in her. Since she couldn’t see well, she couldn’t hunt. She didn’t seem to mind being moved around because she was in such rough shape that she could barely move herself.

Once she was in the care of kind humans, the fox’s condition improved. She opened her eyes, her coat became healthier, and she gained a playful attitude. She got used to her routine, which included her getting cleaned and fed regularly.

Fox at rehabilitation center

“We had this fox a solid two months before the hard, crusty shell of her skin and fur started shlopping off,” said Brigette from Second Chances Wildlife Rescue.

Once her damaged coat was out of the way, a soft, healthy layer of new fur grew in. She started looking and acting more like a fox.

Fox in outdoor enclosure

A New Life in the Wild

Eventually, the fox’s caretakers could tell she was ready to move out of her small indoor enclosure and experience a larger outdoor area. Once outside, she was very curious as if she knew she was meant to be there.

Her rescuers kept an eye on her to make sure she seemed ready to return to the wild. Her coat fully grew back and she showed signs that she would be a great hunter. So, they put her in a carrier and brought her to a spot where it was safe to release her into the wild.

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Fox after rehabilitation

“I opened up that door and maybe five seconds were spent smelling the place, and she just took off,” Brigette said. “I was very proud of our team that we were able to take her from the point where she arrived to the point that she’s running free and she gets a second chance at life.”

This adorable fox is just one of the many animals that this organization has saved. If you’d like to help them rescue more animals in need, you can donate on their website.

Watch the Transformation Here:

Featured Image: YouTube

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