Mischievous Baby Goat Finds A Trampoline, And Had The ‘Time Of His Life’

There is no end to the fun when it’s time for play. When you can find pleasure in the little things, life is full of joy, as this tiny kid goat demonstrates.


Image/Story Source Credit: iiteotwawki via YouTube Video



On a trampoline one day, this kid goat was born. As inquisitive as goats are, he began testing the trampoline and quickly discovered that he could bounce himself up and down on it. It was time to have some fun!


He kills it on the trampoline with his nimble-footedness and beautiful prancing gait. Nothing in the world could stop him now. This goat’s mama, like every mother who keeps an eye on their children, stays behind to make sure her small one is safe.



Image/Story Source Credit: iiteotwawki via YouTube Video



Mama goat enjoyed herself so much that she started chewing on the trampoline while her kid continued to bounce around and wiggle his tail.


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