Military Dog Forced To Retire Flies Cross Country To Meet Up With Chap

Heartwarming stories are soup for the soul. And there’s nothing more heartwarming than a reunion story. Especially one that involves a hardworking dog that has served his country.

Meet Bakk! A handsome boy whose days serving as a “doggy soldier” were over due to a critical injury– and it was time to give this pup a deserving thank-you gift.

Screenshot via YouTube

Bakk was flown back to the United States, thanks to American Humane’s Service Dogs for Veterans. Little did he know he was about to begin his new journey towards something special that will make you cry happy tears.

Bakk, at 7 years old, was not a candidate for surgery when he tore a crucial ligament. Retirement was inevitable, but this made Bakk an excellent candidate for adoption!

Screenshot via YouTube

The very good boy drove with his new human friends through a snowstorm but it was all worth it. He was about to meet his new dad and he had no idea who his new dad was about to be! You’ll absolutely love this story and who Bakk meets, once again, after his long journey home.

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