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The Best Gifts for Dog Lovers

Looking for the PERFECT gift for someone you care about who loves dogs? From hilarious tops to high-quality jewelry, this list has you covered.

The following products are not only made for dog lovers, they help dog lovers help shelter pups! Each item has a unique donation value that helps shelter dogs in some way. So your gift is more than just a thoughtful present – it has a positive impact on dogs’ lives, the gift recipient is going to love that, we know it.

Dog Sketch Embroidered Ultra-Cozy Flannel Pants – $29.99-31.99

These comfy unisex pants are perfect for lounging about!

Provide 7 meals to hungry shelter dogs when you buy this!


No Longer By My Side Key Chain – $5.99

If the person you’re shopping for has lost a dog, a memorial gift like this beautiful keychain will help keep the memory of the beloved pup close to his or her heart.

Provides 4 meals to shelter dogs


Desert Camo Bead Bracelet – $14.99

This piece is perfect for those in support our troops and those who have served. When you buy this piece you’ve helped support service dog training and matching with veterans.

Each bracelet helps pair Service Dogs with Veterans!


Dogs Because People Suck Embroidered Fringed Scarf – $22.99

A hilarious, cozy scarf is a wonderful, thoughtful gift for your dog-loving friend or family member to keep them warm during the colder months.

Provides 4 meals to shelter dogs


Second Chance Movement™ Matte Black Necklace – $32.00

This necklace actually helps deal with the huge problem of over-population in shelters by transporting pets from kill shelters to no-kill shelters and rescue groups in other parts of the U.S. where families are waiting for pets to adopt.

Provides 5 miles of transportation to no-kill shelters


Red Rosewood Bracelet – $29.99

This bracelet provides funding to rebuild an animal shelter in the U.S. and features red rosewood beads and a metal paw and brick stamped charm, representing the building materials used.

This bracelet helps rebuild an animal shelter!


When I Die Pullover Hoodie – $39.99-44.99

Dog lovers are guaranteed to have a good sense of humor so you can bet that your dog-loving friend or family member will love this warm hoodie!

Provides 15 meals to shelter dogs


2 Piece Best Friend Necklace and Pet Tag Set – $16.99

For the person who has a dog and considers their pup to be their furry best friend – this is the gift you want to give them!

Provides 10 meals to shelter dogs


Brown Dog Ears Stripe Fuzzy Socks – $8.99 (or 5 for $25)

Fuzzy socks are always a welcome gift – and all dog-lovers will appreciate the adorable dog theme!

Provides 5 meals to shelter dogs


Lava Bead Rainbow Bridge Bracelet – $17.99

If the recipient has lost a pup, this memorial bracelet makes for a thoughtful gift. It helps shelter dogs and represents the rainbow bridge, where our beloved pets go after they pass away.

Provides 7 meals to shelter dogs


Black Paracord Watch – $45.00

Does your dog-loving friend or family member enjoy high-quality watches? This watch has added flair with it’s functional paracord strap. Plus, it helps feed shelter dogs!

Provides 15 meals to shelter dogs


Elegant Heart Embroidered Ladies’ Fleece Full Zip Jacket – $42.99-45.99

You can’t go wrong with a warm and cuddly fleece jacket like this one as a gift! The paw heart embroidered design adds a beautiful, meaningful touch.

Provides 15 meals to shelter dogs


Grocery Bag Heart Paw Tie Dye – Purple Trim – $3.99 (or 4 for $12)

Sometimes all a dog lover needs is a bag to tote around for shopping for dog snacks, trips to the beach with you pup, etc.

Provides 4 meals to shelter dogs


Thin Blue Line Paracord Bracelet – $14.99

The perfect gift for anyone who enjoys hiking or camping (features a functional paracord for survival situations) – or those who like a good looking bracelet that helps protect K9 police dogs!

Helps provide body armor for K9 police dogs

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Written by Sarah Le

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