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7 Best Online Dog Training Classes for Old English Sheepdogs

Written by: Tarit Das
Tarit is a Special Projects Coordinator at,, and The Hero Company. He likes pets for their honesty and loyalty and believes they have no match. They are one of the most selfless creatures and just love to be around their owners.Read more
| Published on May 16, 2023
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Many Old English Sheepdog parents are switching to online dog training classes as opposed to in-person sessions. Both types of training are great tools, but every dog has different needs when it comes to learning new commands and behaviors.

All dogs can benefit from training, but traditional training classes aren’t ideal for every dog. Some dogs struggle to focus in group environments, while others benefit from specific training topics rather than general obedience classes. So, online dog training for Old English Sheepdogs is a great way to set a variety of dogs up for success.

Since online courses are growing more popular, there’s no shortage of websites to turn to. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best online dog training classes for Old English Sheepdogs to help you find one that suits your furry friend’s needs the best.

Best online dog training classes for Old English SheepdogsWhy Should Pet Parents Use Online Training Classes for Old English Sheepdogs?

If you want to take training classes with your dog but don’t have the time or energy to attend in-person classes, online dog training can be a great solution. Here are a few reasons dog parents choose online dog training for Old English Sheepdogs:

  • It’s flexible
  • It’s convenient if you have a busy schedule
  • You get to start training in a comfortable environment for your dog
  • There are fewer distractions for your dog
  • It’s good for dogs that get overwhelmed easily
  • Courses are usually one-on-one instead of in a group setting
  • You can choose which areas of training to focus on
  • You may be able to re-watch training videos as much as needed
  • It’s often more affordable than in-person training

Every dog training company is different, but many of them share these benefits. So, you don’t have to attend in-person meetings to properly train your dog.

Best Online Dog Training Classes for Old English Sheepdogs

1. Kingdom of Pets

Young man training dog

Kingdom of Pets offers several books dedicated to dog training. Yet, many pet parents benefit more from seeing dog training in action rather than just reading about it. Thus, the company also has many online training videos for purchase, covering areas like leash walking, barking, chewing, and aggression.

Once you purchase a training package, you get lifetime access to that content. All courses from Kingdom of Pets aim to create positive experiences for dogs, and they teach customers how to effectively use reward-based training in a way that’s beneficial for both you and your canine companion. The trainers at Kingdom of Pets want to ensure that their training resources are effective for pet parents, so if you don’t find success within the first 60 days of training, you can get a refund with no questions asked.

However, this company allows you to try a free 6-day course before paying anything to ensure that this is the right training company for you. The free course offers information about dog and cat training, pet health needs, and animal behaviors.

2. Brain Training for Dogs

Brain training for dogs class

The professional trainer who runs Brain Training for Dogs spent ten years perfecting her training methods. Thus, her online training classes are in-depth and designed to tackle any behavioral issue in dogs, no matter how complicated the issues may seem. The training focuses on a dog’s mental stimulation to enhance their intelligence and learning capabilities. The courses will also help dog parents get to the root of the problem instead of only fixing it on a surface level.

Some of the many issues these training courses focus on include potty training, jumping, digging, excessive barking, and ignoring commands. The course videos get right to the point so you don’t have to waste any time. The trainer approaches each problem behavior by finding a way for the dog to understand what they’re supposed to be doing.

Once you order the bundle of all these classes, the trainer will offer you support along the way whenever you need it. The first 60 days of the program is a trial period, so if you don’t find success with the training practices, you can get your money back. That’s how important your dog’s success is to this company.

3. SpiritDog Training

SpiritDog Online Training Banner

SpiritDog Training offers online dog training courses for canines of all ages, breeds, behaviors, and training levels. The dog trainers at this company have created videos to walk dog parents through each course, and you can rewatch videos as many times as needed. Every person who signs up for SpiritDog gets unlimited feedback from professional trainers for life. So, if you get stuck while watching a video, you can ask a trainer as many questions as you’d like.

You can choose from individual courses, or you can purchase bundles to save money. Here are some of SpiritDog’s most popular bundles:

SpiritDog courses always focus on positive reinforcement training to make training an uplifting, productive experience for dogs and set them up for success. These classes differ from in-person training because they allow you to train your dog at your own pace in an environment that’s comfortable for them.

4. Dunbar Academy

Dunbar Academy Dog Training

Like K9 Training Institute, Dunbar Academy offers a Free Course Collection for dog parents that aren’t sure if online training is right for them. They offer several free courses, such as “Guide to Getting a Puppy or Dog,” “Six Simple Steps to Solve Your Dog’s Behavior Problems,” and “Dog Shelter Behavior & Training Program.”

If you like the way the free courses work, you can get more in-depth courses through a monthly or yearly fee. With the subscription, you can access hundreds of hours of content to help your dog succeed. That content includes videos, ebooks, podcasts, worksheets, and webinars, so there are methods that appeal to every person. You’ll also get access to a Facebook group where you can get training advice from dog trainers and other members.

You can also purchase individual bundles instead of a subscription if you only want to focus on certain training areas. Some popular bundles include Puppy Training, Behavior Problems, and a Games Workshop. The trainers at this company focus on games and reward-based training to get positive results.

5. Holly and Hugo

Holly and Hugo Dog Trainer

Holly and Hugo not only offers a variety of training courses, but they also have videos about animal behavior and care. With the help of pet experts and experienced teachers, you can access a variety of videos and content to improve your pet’s life. The courses cover topics like training, animal psychology, pet sitting, and grooming.

Customers can purchase courses individually or pay a discounted price to get access to all the courses. At the end, you get a certificate of completion. Some of the courses even qualify for CE and CPD points for dog lovers looking to pursue a career in the animal industry.

This training option is great for dog parents who like to work on a schedule because once you activate a course, you have 60 days to complete it (unless you choose to extend it). With a time limit in place, it can help keep you motivated to train regularly so your dog can succeed. The trainers at Holly and Hugo love dogs as much as you, so they set up these courses to provide the best support for your furry friend.

6. K9 Training Institute

K9 Training Institute Trainer with Dog

K9 Training Institute vows to train your dog to behave by using the same techniques used to keep service dogs so calm and well-behaved. Most of this company’s training focuses on body language instead of verbal commands. These methods can work for all dogs regardless of their age or breed.

This company’s online training starts with a free workshop that covers topics like barking, chewing, potty training, nipping, leash pulling, and ignoring commands. Once you complete the free training workshop, you can choose to purchase more online classes to further your furry friend’s learning. After all, training is something that should continue throughout your dog’s life, not just for one class.

The trainers at this company are especially passionate about helping train rescue dogs to give them better chances at success in their new homes.

What To Look for in the Best Online Dog Training Classes for Old English Sheepdogs

To decide which option is best for your canine companion, you should consider the following aspects.

Training Methods

Not all dog trainers have the same values, so it’s important to find one that aligns with yours. For most dog lovers, positive reinforcement is the best training method because it’s effective while also being fun for your dog. Thus, you should make sure the trainer you choose also values rewarding good behavior instead of focusing on punishments or fear-based training.

Classes Offered

If there’s a specific area of training that you’d like to focus on, make sure that type of class is offered. Most online training courses have basic obedience classes, but they might not all cover specific areas like reactivity or agility.


Just because a class isn’t in person doesn’t mean the communication should be worse. Before purchasing a course, check to make sure there’s an easy way to reach out to a trainer with any questions or concerns you may have.


Cost is always a big consideration for dog parents. Dog training classes aren’t cheap, but online options may be more affordable. If you’re on a budget, you may need to narrow down your options to the ones that fit in your price range.

Dachshund training indoors

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Online Dog Training Classes Work?

Yes, the best online dog training classes are effective for many canines. Yet, like any training, they only work if you continue to practice what you learned with your dog. Dog training is something that should continue for life, not just when your dog misbehaves.

What is the Best Age to Start Dog Training Classes?

Dogs can start training at any age, but if you can, starting at 8 weeks old is recommended. It helps build a bond between you and your new puppy so they will be more likely to listen to you as training progresses.

Is it Too Late to Train My Old English Sheepdog?

No, it’s never too late to train your dog. Despite the common saying, you can teach old dogs new tricks. You may need to take different approaches with an adult dog, but with enough trust, patience, and repetition, most dogs can quickly pick up new skills.

How Long Does it Take to Train a Dog?

It depends on the type of training you’re working on, but most dogs can pick up on the basics within a few weeks if you regularly practice the skills with them. However, even after your dog learns the desired command, you should continue to practice it with them throughout their life.

What Dog Training Method is Best?

Positive reinforcement is the best training method. Rewarding your dog helps reinforce good behaviors so they can understand what they’re supposed to be doing. It also helps your dog form a stronger bond with you. Most dog trainers avoid punishment-based training because it makes dogs stressed and fearful even though training should be a fun, positive experience for them.

How Much Do Online Dog Training Classes Cost?

Online dog training costs vary greatly depending on the type and length of the course. However, most cost between $50 and $250. If individual classes are offered, they’ll be more affordable than a full course.

Dog giving paw

Final Thoughts

In-person dog training isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid training courses altogether. The best online dog training classes for Old English Sheepdogs are perfect for dog parents that can’t easily attend in-person classes or have a dog that doesn’t do well in public settings. So, if that’s the case for you, consider trying some of the great dog training courses mentioned in this article.

iHeartDogs is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.

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