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‘Big, Mean’ Shelter Dog Melts When Someone Gives Him A Blanket

Not every dog strikes a picture-perfect pose at the shelter.

In fact, many dogs are scared and confused, having just been surrendered by their families to what seems like four walls — and utter loneliness.

Image Source: Dog Tales

It’s an even lonelier situation for pit bull-type dogs — thanks to a completely unearned reputation for being mean.

“Those big bullies just don’t get adopted like the rest,” Karri McCreary, a veterinarian and animal rescuer at Vet Ranch, tells iHeartDogs.

It’s no wonder that when potential adopters walk through the halls of a shelter, they see a lot of long faces on the other side of the glass.

But when McCreary visited a dog at the Greenville Animal Shelter in Greenville, Texas — a shelter that’s also been the scene of a disease outbreak — she saw something else entirely: a lonely soul.

She gave the dog, who she named Big Boo, a bed and a blanket.

And the so-called ‘big, mean’ shelter dog melted.

“He just came to life,” she says.

Indeed, Big Boo rolled and played and tugged that blanket, becoming a dog all over again.


She left him cuddling the blanket — and soaking up every last drop of that sweetest of gifts.

Image Source: Karri McCreary

But while the moment may have seemed bittersweet, it would soon resonate far from the walls of that shelter.

McCreary’s Facebook post about the encounter ended up getting a lot of attention.

Image Source: Karri McCreary

“We had a ton of shares and inquiries on his post and then, Blam! Adopted.”

That’s right. Someone who saw McCreary’s post went to the shelter and took Big Boo home.

A picture-perfect ending indeed.

Watch Big Boo playing with his blanket in the video below:

Written by Christian Cotroneo
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