Boy Makes His Puppy Watch YouTube Tutorials Instead Of Training Him

Lincoln Ball is a 4-year-old boy who is highly allergic to pollen. Lincoln’s parents, Daniel and Tasha Ball, took him to a doctor who told them that Lincoln is severely allergic to outdoor allergens.

The doctor also advised that Lincoln should stay indoors during allergy season. But despite that, there’s good news. The doctor also said that Lincoln is not allergic to pets!

Source: The Ball Brothers - Facebook
Source: The Ball Brothers – Facebook

So Lincoln’s parents decided to give him a Saint Bernard puppy. They also told him that he was responsible for training his new puppy. His dad suggested that he should look at YouTube tutorials.

Source: Daniel and Tasha Ball via ABC News
Source: Daniel and Tasha Ball via ABC News

Lincoln found some training videos on YouTube indeed, and he got that all prepared. But his parents didn’t expect what happened next.

Lincoln thought that it would be better for the puppy to watch the videos for himself. So he played the videos and let the pup watch it!

Awww…that was cute and clever! Because of this, Lincoln and his pup are now famous! The post now has more than 285,000 likes, with 18,000 comments, and more than 184,000 shares!

For more of this story read the post at ABC News and at Mashable.


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