Vet Clinics Struggle To Keep Up In The Aftermath Of The Pandemic Pet Boom

pandemic pets

With so many people in quarantine during the pandemic, animal lovers everywhere realized they had extra time to care for a new furry friend. This led to what is now referred to as the “pandemic pet boom,” giving so many dogs and cats a forever family to call their own. While this was a welcome change for the animal rescue world, it led to some unexpected repercussions that are now impacting both veterinary professionals and fur parents alike. The Pandemic … Read more

Hero Dog Saves Feathered Friends From An Alligator Attack

Beauty, the black Labrador Retriever, is slowly recovering after saving her ducky siblings from an alligator attack. Since they were tiny ducklings, Beauty has looked after Crest, Downy, and Dot and treated them with love and care. She was even once thought to be “missing” when the ducks wandered off and got stuck in a thornbush. Beauty stayed by their sides and laid next to the bush until her parents came to find them. So, when an even bigger and … Read more

Woman Shares Emotional Reunion With Yorkie Lost Before Cross-Country Move

Woman and Yorkie Reunited

Time and distance can’t break the bond between a human and their dog. Kenyetta Tyler’s Yorkie named Coco went missing seven months ago, and she has moved across the country since then. Tyler feared she might never see Coco again. But the second someone found the Yorkie, Tyler traveled to pick her up as quickly as possible. Tyler and Coco had the most heartwarming reunion ever because neither of them could contain their excitement. Their story is a great reminder … Read more

Rover Sitter Returns Husky With Burns And Puncture Wounds

Husky injured by sitter

WARNING: Content and images may be sensitive to some readers. When you leave your dog with a sitter, it’s important to choose someone you trust. Sadly, like many other dog parents, a man on TikTok learned that the hard way. He uploaded a series of videos explaining the horrific situation that his dog went through. He left his Husky named Grover with a Rover sitter, but when his dog returned, he wasn’t himself at all. Grover looked like he’d been … Read more

Utah Ice Center Gives Dying Dog The Gift Of One Last Roll In The Snow

Maggie was a big, hardy pooch who loved going on outdoor adventures with her parents and many canine pals. Her life was filled with joy and excitement as she explored the beautiful state of Utah with those she cherished most. When Maggie’s journey reached its final days due to terminal cancer, her humans wanted to give her one final gift. They posted to Facebook and reached out to the Salt Lake County Ice Center with an unusual request: a mound … Read more

Permanently Smiling Dog Needs Massive Donation To Save His Life

Smiling Dog Needs Donations

When people meet Jasper, the 8-pound Chihuahua mix, the first thing they notice is his charming smile. Jasper has a permanent smile, so he always looks like the happiest pup in the world. But sadly, Jasper’s signature grin is a neurological condition that likely causes him pain. Finding the cause and cure for his condition certainly isn’t cheap either. So, Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, California is asking for donations to help with sweet Jasper’s medical needs. Right now, … Read more

Dog Chosen As Mayor Of Small California Community

A community in California has chosen a dog to be their mayor! And who can blame them? Dogs are trustworthy, loyal, and protective. Who wouldn’t want those qualities in a mayor? Well, Copper, the five-year-old Golden Retriever is definitely all of that and more. Copper officially became the honorary mayor of Copperopolis on September sixth, after 1,800 people cast their votes for him to be the mayor of their unincorporated town. (This means the title is purely ceremonial.) The tiny … Read more

Animal Hospital Offers Dogs Chocolate “Goodbye Kisses” In Their Final Moments

Saying goodbye to a beloved friend is never easy. Still, the staff at Smiths Station Animal Hospital go above and beyond to ensure their patients and clients have every creature-comfort in these heartbreaking moments. Recently, the Lee County, Alabama vet clinic posted a photo to Facebook, and its bittersweet meaning is hitting viewers right in the feels. The image shows a clear jar filled to the brim with Hershey’s Kisses. Written on the side, with hearts for O’s, are the … Read more

Amber Abroad: Part 8: A Day In The Life Of Caring For Over 200 Dogs In Thailand

amber abroad cover

My overseas adventures brought me to an incredible dog rescue on the island of Phuket! Amber Abroad: Part 7 introduced you to the tireless work performed within these shelter walls, and a few of the special pups that call the Bodhi Rescue home. Now that you have a better idea of how the Bodhi Dog Rescue and Shelter began, I’d like to take you through a typical day in the life of caring for the 200 plus dogs that live … Read more

Two Fire Departments Join Forces To Rescue Dog From 40-Foot Well

An adventurous pooch named Rico is safe at home with his family after a freak accident almost claimed his life. Out on his own one evening, Rico was walking to a neighbor’s house in the small community of Prairietown, Illinois, when he fell into a 40-foot well. The local fire rescue reached out to the Edwardsville Fire Department, which has a specialized team for technical rescues in confined spaces. The two groups of heroes came together, working in the dark … Read more

RECALL: Popular Dog Food Brand Has Elevated Vitamin Levels

Husky Fromm Pet Food

Fromm Family Foods of Mequon, Wisconsin, recently issued a recall related to some of its canned food recipes. The brand has only had one other recall, which was in 2016 for a similar issue. The company voluntarily recalled about 5,500 cases of canned dog food due to elevated levels of Vitamin D. If you have any of these cans, Fromm urges you to stop serving them to your dog right away. While Vitamin D is healthy for dogs, high amounts can … Read more

Dog Reunites With Family After Surviving Fatal Plane Crash

Dog survives plane crash

On September 22, 2021, a plane crashed just 30 miles southwest of Page, Arizona. The plane came from San Martin, California, and it went down as it was descending into the Arizona city. The cause of the crash is still unknown. It was a smaller plane with two humans and one dog inside. The pilot died amid the crash while the passenger was severely injured. The dog survived but ran off in a panic immediately after. Luckily, officials later tracked … Read more

Man Arrested For Dragging Huskies Behind Vehicle To “Walk Them”

Huskies dragged behind SUV

Police officer Ricardo Rojo of Arkansas was shocked when a large SUV passed his police car with two large dogs dragging behind it. When he questioned the driver, he said he was just “walking them.” But Rojo refused to let someone get away with such blatant animal cruelty. Since then, both dogs have been taken into custody and put into foster homes. One dog suffered from severe injuries, while the other one got away with minor scratches. Both dogs are … Read more

The Best Dog-Friendly U.S.-Based Companies In 2021

It’s the end of September and we’re most of the way through 2021 already. For many of us, the past two years have been fairly challenging. Having our dogs always nearby for love and companionship during an ongoing pandemic has made a huge difference. Rover released its Best Dog-Friendly Companies 2021 report on the 28th, which shows just how much dogs factor into our changing culture. The report lists the top U.S. companies that offer benefits for dog parents along … Read more

Heartbroken Dog Refuses To Leave Her Human’s Casket After His Funeral

Dog stays by casket

Death is a difficult thing for anyone to grasp. But while humans understand the concept of death, dogs likely don’t know why humans and animals disappear. One dog called Lessie, also referred to as Lassie by some sources, didn’t know how to cope with her human’s death. She shared many years of her life with her human father, so she didn’t understand when he disappeared one day. However, when she attended his funeral, she could tell that he was in … Read more

3 Legged Dog Wins Animal Foundation’s 2021 “Best In Show”

When you think of dog shows, maybe you imagine the purebred-focused events you see on TV on Thanksgiving. The Animal Foundation’s annual “Best in Show” actually features adoptable rescue dogs of all shapes and sizes. “Best in Show” is the Animal Foundation’s biggest fundraiser of the year, and it’s been going on for 18 years now. The money raised goes to several important causes, like their foster program and their kitten nursery. The 2021 Event For the first time in … Read more

8-Year-Old Donates All Of His Birthday Presents To Animal Shelter

Pulaski County, Kentucky, is home to about 65,000 residents. Of those 65,000 people, there is one with an exceptionally large heart. Jacob Maggard may only be 8-years-old, but he has enough kindness and compassion within him to last several lifetimes! Jacob’s neighbor, Cheryl Sears, passed away on May 22nd. Rather than flowers, Cheryl’s family asked for donations to be made to the Pulaski County Animal Shelter, where her daughter, Kim, is the Assistant Director. Jacob was so inspired by this … Read more

Homeless Boy Adopts Puppy And Names Him After Lost Brother

Rommel and Badji

Rommel Quemenales was only 11-years-old when a documentary was released about his life on the streets. His dad left him at an early age and his mom showed little interest in her many children. So, Rommel began begging and finding money in his own ways. But he wasn’t doing it alone. During his time on the streets, he met a homeless puppy, who quickly became his best friend. Rommel named his dog Badji after his brother Adji who disappeared many … Read more

Old Yeller’s Tommy Kirk Passes Away After Complicated Acting Career

Actor Tommy Kirk was best known for the classic roles he played as a child, including those in Old Yeller and The Shaggy Dog. Many grew up watching him act beside dogs, and he was a beloved actor from many people’s childhoods. But sadly, on September 28th, 2021, Kirk passed away at age 79. He left a lasting impact on his friends and fans, but as it turns out, his life wasn’t always as thrilling and magical as it might’ve … Read more

Do You Know These 5 Warning Signs Of Pet Cancer?

Today, your dog isn’t interested in eating, nor has energy that was exhibited yesterday. Normally, your dog is eager to eat and equally eager to play and get into mischief. Being the excellent parent that you are, you make an appointment for your dog to see your veterinarian. While you aren’t sure what may be going on, in your gut, you know that this isn’t normal behavior. Your vet comes in and asks qualifying questions. You both agree to run … Read more

You Gave Donna The Greyhound The Diet She Needed To Thrive!

Donna the Greyhound Greater Good

When you purchase products from the iHeartDogs store, a portion of those proceeds are donated to Greater Good Charities. Through Greater Good’s Rescue Bank program, shelter dogs can get healthy meals so the rescues can save their funds for medical costs and other care requirements. Donna is just one of the many dogs that Greater Good Charities has had an impact on! Bexata Animal Sanctuary, Inc., a Greyhound rescue in San Antonio, cared for Donna the Greyhound. She initially came … Read more

Celebrity “Ethan The Dog” Chosen To Throw The First Pitch At Baseball Game

Ethan Featured

“Ethan the Dog” is ready to play ball! Which, if you’ve been following his story, you know is nothing short of a miracle. He was chosen as the “celebrity” guest to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the Louisville Bats inaugural “Hops & Hounds” event. Bats fans were encouraged to bring their best furry friends to join them for an evening of baseball and sampling locally brewed beers. The event was held during the Louisville Bats minor league baseball … Read more

Couple Spoils Their Neighborhood Pups With A Community Treat Box

dog treat box cover

A couple in Lincoln, Nebraska, has found a way to pamper the many pups in their neighborhood. In an effort to honor their late beloved companion, the couple created a community treat box for the lovable pups and dog parents of their community. Joe Knopp and Deb Bauer-Knopp are dog lovers who, after tragically losing their beloved Golden Retriever, wanted to create something special in her memory. After some imagination and brainstorming, the Gold Dog Express was born! The Gold … Read more

13-Year-Old Dog Comes Of Age With His “Bark” Mitzvah

Folks, Mazel Tovs are in order. Just as his dad did 39 years ago, a boy named Rambo officially became a man. Well, a 13-year-old dog named Rambo celebrated his “Bark Mitzvah,” at least. In the Jewish tradition, the Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a coming-of-age ritual and celebration that occurs when a child turns 13.  Rambo’s mom and dad, Ruth and Craig Ellenberg from New Jersey, decided to share the tradition with their dog too. A Pup Becomes A … Read more

Experts Suspect That Man Faked Dog Train Tracks Rescue For Fame

Dog on train tracks video

It’s easy to get caught up in fame on social media. Many people become obsessed with gaining followers and viewers on sites like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. But the lengths that some people will go to get recognized can be a bit extreme. A TikTok user was repeatedly praised for saving a dog tied to train tracks in a heart-wrenching video. However, experts later announced that the video was likely faked for fame. Many people were worried for the dog’s … Read more

Quick-Thinking Canine Has Life-Saving Reaction To Her Dad’s Stroke

German Shepherd saves human from stroke

In the moment, 68-year-old Lothar Weimann claimed he was fine. Yet, his German Shepherd named Ellie sensed otherwise. Somehow, she knew he was having a stroke before he did. Judging by the bump on his head afterward, Weimann had fallen, so Ellie jumped into action and got the neighbor involved. Thanks to Ellie’s quick thinking, Weimann’s life was saved. It’s unclear how the dog knew to look for help, but she certainly did the right thing. This situation further proves … Read more

Starving Mama Dog And Her Malnourished Newborns Saved Just In Time

With many cases in animal rescue, timing is critical. One ticking clock scenario is when rescuers have the chance to save newborn puppies. The first few weeks of a puppy’s life are critical, and proper nutrition is essential to their well-being and growth. When an abandoned female dog gave birth on the streets in 2020, the people who discovered her knew they had to act quickly if they were going to save the whole family. After birthing a litter of … Read more

Lost Dog Rescued After Several Days In Snowy Colorado Mountains

Dog Lost in Colorado Mountains

Every year, Curtis Culver and his brother plan a backpacking trip to Grand County, Colorado. Culver’s dog, Stella, usually tags along. This trip was the 20th year so far, but it was the first year they encountered dangerous weather conditions. The three of them had to evacuate to escape a harsh snowstorm, but when help arrived, Stella bolted in fear. Culver panicked as he was forced to leave her behind. Being a smart and resourceful pup, Stella survived five days … Read more

Devoted Veteran & Therapy Dog Pair Honored For National Service Dog Month

September is National Service Dog Month. It is a time for raising awareness and showing appreciation for the extraordinary work service dogs do every day. The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) are honoring Julian King and his beloved service dog, Mocha, this month for their dedication to the community of Coos Bay, Oregon. Over the past nine years, the pair has visited just about every hospice and senior living facility in the area. Finding A Purpose After Retirement King is … Read more

Tiny Dog Breaks World Record For Speedy Home Run

Terrier runs bases record

When it comes to fast dogs, you might picture large dogs with long legs. But Macho the Russell Terrier proves that looks can be deceiving. This talented pup recently broke a unique Guinness World Record, making him the fastest dog to run the bases at a baseball stadium. It takes a lot of effort and focus for a dog to even make it to all four bases in a row. So, Macho is one special pup, and he’s proud of … Read more