Bringing Your Dog to Work Could Help You Be More Productive

Every dog parent has wished that they didn’t have to leave their furry friend behind when they go to work. It’s heartbreaking to see their sad puppy dog eyes looking at you as you exit the house. Many dog parents probably even wish that they could bring their dog to work with them. It might seem like an unrealistic expectation, but a study in 2017 actually proved that dogs could help their humans simply by coming to work with them.

How Can Dogs Benefit the Workplace?

As many dog lovers know, being near a dog can easily reduce stress and make you happier. So, by having your dog near you while working, it will create a more comfortable work environment for both you and those around you. Taking breaks to take your dog outside or play with them can also be a relaxing break from the work day.

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The stress of work can often cause the office to become full of negativity, but dogs can help bring happiness to you and your co-workers instead. Studies have even shown that dogs provide lots of health benefits for humans. Plus, your dog will no longer have to sit at home alone all day.

Many companies have already made their offices dog-friendly. Google and Etsy are two popular companies that have found that having dogs in the workplace is successful. The United Kingdom even has a “Bring Your Dog to Work” day that takes place in June. 

While bringing your dog to work might seem like the dream for any dog parent, there are still lots of things to consider before going through with it. This type of work environment might not work well for every office, so Purina, a founding member of the Pets at Work Alliance, recommends that companies start with a trial. This will allow employees to test out this new policy.

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Things to Consider Before Making Your Workplace Dog-Friendly

Before making an office dog-friendly, the company needs to ensure that all employees agree with it. If some people in the office are allergic to dogs, this could cause problems. Some workplaces prefer to have designated dog areas or dog-free zones to accommodate employees that are hesitant about this policy. Plus, All the dogs in the office must also be comfortable around people and other dogs. They must also be up to date on their vaccinations. 

“Obviously, there needs to be some kind of rules and guidelines in place. We can’t have 30 dogs off lead running around all day in the office. It would be chaotic, but if it’s really well managed, it just makes it a really pleasant place to work,” said Sean McCormack, the head vet at and co-author of The Happy Dog Cookbook.

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The best way to introduce this new policy is to start slow. There should be an application process in place to ensure that all the dogs that are welcome into the office are well-behaved. Ideally, the dogs should be comfortable just resting below their parent’s desk. If a dog needs to be active and played with all the time, then they are probably not the right dog for the office.

Introducing dogs into the workplace might take some time, but in the end, it will ultimately make work more relaxing and positive. If you have considered all the positives and negatives of having dogs in your own office, give it a try. Just think of how happy your dog will be to finally get to go to work with you.

Image: @TheDogsAtWork/Facebook

Featured Image: @TheDogsAtWork/Facebook

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