Research Proves That Having a Dog Boosts Your Heart Health In These 4 Ways

Most dog lovers know that dogs help our lives in more ways than we even know. However, a recent study now proves that owning a dog can help your heart. The Mayo Clinic recently did a study that confirms that owning a dog can improve the cardiovascular health of dog parents.

So, what exactly is it about dogs that can help our wellbeing so much?


Even if you live with a lazy dog, they still need to be taken outside to do their business. Therefore, by taking your dogs on daily walks, you’re actually getting more exercise than you realize. Even if the walks are short, it’s better than just sitting around.

“Exercise improves heart health because it helps you maintain a healthy weight and controls blood sugar,” says the Mayo Clinic News Network.

Sure, going to the gym is likely the more intense option, but with your dog, you’re on a schedule. They need to be taken out at certain times each day, so there’s no getting out of that exercise. Plus, it’s a consistent exercise that you’re getting daily.

Healthier Choices

By having your furry friend always waiting on you to care for them, it might actually help you with your overall health as well. Dogs need to be fed consistent meals and get regular attention. By having a schedule for your dog, this can actually help you to get on a healthy schedule as well, which can even consist of eating healthier.

Plus, the health of your dog is a priority. So worrying about your dog’s health often could actually help you to become more aware of your own health as well.


Dogs are unlike any other pet out there when it comes to community. With a dog, you’re out of the house often. This doesn’t just give you exercise, but it also allows you to get some fresh air and maybe even talk to other people that are walking their dogs.

“Dog owners are really out there walking their dogs, and not only that, but there’s a community,” says Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum.

You won’t see a community of cat or lizard lovers getting together outside to talk about their pets. With dogs, there are daily walks, dog parks, and events that can bring other dog parents together. Therefore, a dog can help you get up and meet new people instead of just sitting at home all day. 

When you’re walking your dog, you’re also more likely to talk to other dog parents than you would if you were just walking alone. Dogs enjoy sniffing each other and meeting new people, so it’s difficult to avoid other people and dogs on your walk. Also, dog parents love to talk about their furry friends as much as they can.

Overall Happiness

Whenever you come home, your dog is just waiting to greet you. It is a wonderful feeling to always have someone there to love you and be there for you. Therefore, not only can a dog improve your physical health, but emotionally, they will make you happier with an overall better mood.

Having a dog by your side can also decrease your stress. Even after a long day at work, the love of a dog can certainly change your mood completely.

Dogs really do bring out the best in us, which is why they can help our hearts so much. Most dog owners probably already know how much their dogs help them, but now it can be confirmed.

H/T: Good Morning America

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