160 Pound Bullmastiff “Love-Tackles” Soldier In Homecoming Video

When Jason Floyd, a returning soldier from Greenville, Rhode Island, was greeted at the airport by a 170-pound Bullmastiff, he likely wasn’t anticipating being knocked over.


Image credit: YouTube Video


Jason’s mother, Lisa, knew that Jason was coming home soon, so she wanted to do something very special to surprise her son.

The moment the adorable big dog sees Jason, he zooms in on him like a stealth missile. At one point, the doggo even splays atop the soldier because he can’t control his emotions. He also jumps up to lick Jason’s chin and plants kisses all over his face. All Luke can do is pet his friend with a smile of realization, reunited after years apart.


Image credit: YouTube Video


It’s cute to see that Jason (the dad) is enjoying the love fest and smiling too. He must be in good shape if he’s not flattened like a pancake! 🙂


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