Chained Outside For Most Of His Life, This Sweet Boy Has Spent The Last 3 Years Hoping For A Home

Stevie is a senior Beagle mix with a lot of love to give, despite spending the majority of his life alone and mistreated. He’s spent dozens of holidays neglected, alone, and for the past three years, in the shelter where he currently lives in South Carolina.

Let’s make sure that this year he gets to celebrate the festivities with his new family! Share this story and together, we can help him finally find his forever home.

Stevie doesn’t want to spend another Christmas at the shelter…

Stevie 5
Credit: Saved by a Flash

…Or celebrate another New Year all by his lonesome…

Stevie 2
Credit: Saved by a Flash

…and he’d sure love to be your Valentine!

Credit: Saved by a Flash

About Stevie:

This sweetheart spent 8 years at the end of a chain in a trailer park until he ended up at the shelter, 3 years ago. He arrived with his heart loaded with worms and no meat on his bones. His health was in shambles and he did not have very good social skills with other dogs, since he’d never had access to playmates.

Thankfully, he recovered! He has no teeth but is in good health, gaining a lot of weight and successfully undergoing heartworm treatment.

Credit: Saved by a Flash

Sadly, Stevie still is not terrific with other dogs or cats, so he’d do best in a home where he is the only animal (plus, doesn’t he deserve all the attention?). He can play well with more dominant and larger dogs, but submissive or smaller dogs are easy targets for him.

Even though Stevie is around 11 years old and has lived all his life either on a chain or a concrete floor, this little ray of sunshine is very happy–all the time! He certainly doesn’t act like a senior given the amount of energy he has, and because he never had a chance to roam free in his formative years, he loves to explore. And despite being neglected in the past, he just loves getting attention from people, and is very social–and he never turns down a friend with a treat!

While he’s gotten tons of love and a taste of family from the shelter staff, there is nothing like belonging to people that are truly his.

Credit: Saved by a Flash

Stevie has enjoyed some time over the past three years with volunteer families, and spent two years of that time at an outside kennel. The friendly staff at the Darlington Rescue in South Carolina would love nothing more than to find this sweet senior boy a loving home!

An Idea Of Stevie’s Perfect Home:

  • No other pets
  • Kids are okay
  • Access to indoors and outdoors, with ability to explore
  • Willing to feed him proper diet (no teeth)
  • LOTS of love!

Find Out More:

Special thanks to Roberta for sharing Stevie’s story with us. She is a volunteer who takes pictures of shelter animals and has been photographing Stevie for a year in hopes that he’ll finally find his forever home. Check out her Facebook page: Saved By A Flash.

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