Child With Prosthetic Leg Gets Puppy With Same Limb Difference As Her

Life has an entirely different set of obstacles to conquer when living with a disability. This is something that 10-year-old Anna Grace has known her entire life.

Anna Grace was born missing part of her leg. Unlike most girls her age, she wears a prosthetic in order to walk. However, like any other 10-year-old, Anna Grace has always wanted a puppy. More specifically, a puppy with the same challenges as her.

Anna Grace’s mother, Wynne Philippe, said the little girl knows how it feels to be different. Because of this, Anna Grace wanted to help a puppy who is different too! On her 10th birthday, her wish finally came true.


The Best Surprises Are The Fluffy Kind

Initially, Anna Grace was confused by the contents of the red envelope her mother handed her. She looked at the photo inside and asked her mom, “What’s that?”

“What does it look like?” her mom asked.

That’s when Anna Grace made the connection that the special little pup would soon be hers! Her mom explained that they would be traveling to northern Michigan near the Canadian border that weekend to pick up the very special puppy.

As excited as Anna Grace was for her 11-week-old bundle of fluff, she hadn’t realized yet just how special the dog really was.


“Look at it carefully. Look at its foot,” her mom told her. “She has a limb difference.”

At that moment, Anna Grace realized just how special her new puppy really is. So special that Anna Grace had no words – only a squeal of excitement! After that came the tears of pure joy.

“I’m crying in happiness,” said Anna Grace. “We’re getting a dog!”

One More Twist Of Fate Was Coming

Just like any good dog mom, Anna Grace came prepared. When she laid eyes on Kriket for the first time, Anna Grace excitedly exclaimed that she had brought something. She pulled out a brand new squeaky toy that she picked out just for Kriket!

One more beautiful twist of fate happened for Anna Grace and Kriket that day. One of the Canadian Border Patrol officers there also had a prosthetic limb that he received after an accident. He was so touched by Anna Grace and Kriket that he asked if he could meet them!


After all of the excitement, Kriket and Anna Grace quickly fell asleep snuggled together on the long ride home. Their bond was instant and will surely last a lifetime!


h/t: Facebook

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