City Lifts Pit Bull Ban After Dog Saves Domestic Abuse Victim

Hazel Park Michigan has lifted the ban against Pit Bulls after a heroic Pit Bull saved a woman from domestic abuse. Jamie Kraczkowski, a woman living in Hazel Park, was saved by her Pit Bull when her boyfriend attacked her. Her boyfriend was drunk, angry and eventually became violent. She was shoved against the wall and Ice, her beloved Pit Bull, grabbed the man’s pant leg and held on.

When the authorities arrived, they told her that they typically euthanize Pit Bulls, but because the dog saved her, they gave her special consideration. They gave her five days to remove the dog from the city. She was forced to choose between moving to a different place, or giving up her beloved dog. But after the dog lovers knew about the incident, they were willing to help her out. Check out the story in the video below!

Amazing! Dog lovers stood up to defend the breed, and the city lifted the Pit Bull ban! A big thank you to the people who defended the breed! And kudos to Ice the Pit Bull for being so brave!

And what they say is true, it’s not the Pit bills who are the problem, it’s the people who own them and raise them irresponsibly.

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